Calories in Terms of Foods


Dear readers, today we are going to discuss an important issue with you. We always try to stay with you being a reliable health guide. We are happy enough to give you assistant all the time since your health always matters us. Today we will discuss about the calorie and its health benefits in terms of food. Before going to discuss the topic titled here entirely, we should have a clear concept on calorie at first. What it is, Is it essential for human body, how many calories humans need on a daily basis, what are the sources of it, what are the components of it and so many things.


Among so many asking, here we will especially focus on calories associated with foods, drinks and human energy expenditures.


Definition of Calorie


For those who did not read my other articles about calorie, I would like to recap this. Generally, calorie is considered as a unit of energy. The term calorie refers to consumption of energy through eating and drinking and through physical activities we particularly use it.

For example-

An apple may have 80 calories, whereas walking 1 mile might use up about 100 calories. That is anything that contains energy has calories in it, even coal. Most of us think calorie only associate with food and drink, conversely, anything that contains energy has calories. For instance, per ton coal contains the equivalent of 7,004,684,512 calories normally.


Impact of Calorie on Human Body


The importance of calorie for a human body is a beggar description. Without calorie, it is      impossible to survive. Every one of us requires different amounts of energy daily depending on age, size and activity levels. Without energy our cells would die, even our hearts and lungs would stop and we would be destroyed. Usually we get our energy from food and drink. If we consume the exact number of calorie that our body needs every day, we will probably enjoy unharmed life. If there is any deviation occurs in consumption of calorie, we will eventually experience health complexities.


The Consequence of Insufficient Calorie Intake in Foods


Due to shortage of sufficient calorie intake can lead you to poor nutrition, low energy levels, and poor health. These can dramatically weaken your ability to fight off disease, infection, perform work or even conduct your affairs safely.


Importance of Calorie in Weight Losing


If you want to shed your weight significantly, it is always important to keep your calorie consumption in check. If you take so much calorie intake than you need, there is always a chance of getting your weight gain. Sometimes you may experience that the food you taking is so much high in calorie that hiders your way to shed weight up to the mark! So to save yourself from gaining excessive weight, you may follow some tips give bellow for your progress.


These are likely to reduce calories in your foods -

  • Eat smaller portions at meals and don’t have seconds.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Snack on low cal. Fiber enriched fruits, vegetables and whole
  • For meals focus on low glycemic foods and combine carbohydrate with some lean protein or good quality
  • Carry a list when you grocery shop and don’t shop when hungry so as to reduce impulse purchases of high calorie items.
  • Watch calories in what you drink. Juices (even 100%fruit juice), alcohol, dairy beverages, soda and other sugary drinks including teas and coffees with added milk and sugar can be high in calories
  • Skip calorie rich high sugar and high fat processed foods. Eat instead whole foods including complex carbohydrates.
  • Don’t be foolish by the weight losing trick and over indulgent in high calorie but empty caloric foods unknowingly. Foods touted as “low fat” could be “highly sugared” and, therefore, sometimes almost having no calorie etc.


Some High Caloric Deceiving Foods


There are huge numbers of foods those often indulge you in gaining so much weight. Eating these types of foods regularly may present you a bulky shape. Since these types of foods have more calorie than you think so be careful of having it too often.


Here are some examples of these types of foods-

  • Gluten-Free Cookie
  • Whole-Wheat Bread
  • Pecan
  • Rice Cakes
  • Grape-Nuts Cereal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chia Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Greek Yogurt Cups
  • Chickpeas
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup
  • Salmon
  • Guacamole
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pepperoni
  • Popcorn so on.


Some Low Caloric Foods


If you are a health nut and want to keep your body fit always, so these low caloric foods always useful for you.

A list of some common low caloric foods given below-


A glass of water

0 calories in 1 serving 8 fl oz (237g)

0 calories in 100 grams


Plain Tea and Coffee (unsweetened with no milk) are also very low in calories

2-10 calories per cup


Vegetables (Watercress)

4 calories in 1 cup, chopped (34g)

11 calories in 100 grams


A bowl of vegetable soup

67 calories in 1 cup (241g)

28 calories in 100 grams


Half a grapefruit

69 calories in 1 cup sections, with juice (230g)

37 amount of calories in 1/2 fruit (3-3/4" dia) (123g)

30 calories in 100 grams


Egg (Hard Boiled or Poached)

78 calories in 1 large (50g)

211 calories in 1 cup, chopped (136g)

155 calories in 100 grams


A glass of milk (Non-fat or Skim)

83 calories in 1 cup (245g)

34 calories in 100 grams



84 calories in 3 oz (85g)

99 calories in 100 grams


From a single bowl of  plain yogurt with raspberries

137 calories in 1 cup (8 fl oz) (245g)

56 calories in 100 grams


Some Zero Caloric Foods


Sometime we need to shed so much fat from our body with keeping everything okay. In this case, one may take these kinds of foods regularly to lose his/her weight in great extent.

Here are some so-called zero caloric foods that can help in losing weight and boosting your immunity but fully loaded with nutrients.

  • Cucumbers
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Kelp
  • Asparagus
  • Apricots
  • Watermelon
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Strawberries
  • Leafy Greens
  • Red Chili Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Summer Squash
  • Turnip
  • Green Tea
  • Water


Caloric Balance for Human Body


There are lot controversies regarding the proper balance of calorie. Earlier it is said that not everybody requires the same number of calories each day. Our ideal calorific consumption depends on several factors, inclusion of our overall general health, demand of physical activity, sex, weight, height, and shape.


For example-

For a 6ft tall, 25-year-old professional soccer player needs many more calories each day than a 5ft 4ins sedentary woman aged 75.


Controversies are also seen among the Health authorities around the world. They found it hard to agree on how many calories their citizens should ideally consume.


For example-

The US government says averagely man requires 2,700 calories per day and the woman 2,200, whereas the NHS (National Health Service), UK, considers it as 2,500 & 2,000 respectively.

Again, The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations says the average adult should consume no less than 1,800 calories per day.


Calorie Comes From


The number of calories food contains often tells us how much potential energy they possess.

Here the calorific values of three main components of foods we eat given below:

  • From 1 gram carbohydrates  we get normally  4 calories
  •  From 1 gram  protein we get 4 calories and
  • From 1 gram fat we get 9 calories.


Let’s haves a look at where the calories in one cup of large eggs (243 grams) come from:  

  • Fat 24 grams.
  • 24 x 9 = 216 calories.
  • Protein 31 grams.
  • 31 x 4 = 124 calories.
  • Carbohydrate 2 grams.
  • 2 x 4 = 8 calories

I.e. we get normally 348 calories from 243 grams of raw egg, of which 216 come from fat, 124 from protein and 8 from carbohydrate.


Why it is important to know how many calories are there in certain foods?


Generally, every food that we eat has a certain number of calories. But the number of calories varies from food to food. Naturally, it comes from fat, carbohydrate, and protein. A pure fat provides nine calories from per gram, as it possesses highest number of calorie. Protein and carbohydrates each have four calories per gram of pure protein or pure carbohydrate. In terms of pure alcohol, it has seven calories per gram. Therefore understanding the role of calories in your diet can help you balance your calories in with your calories out and help you achieve weight management goals.

I think, at the point you are well understood the term ‘calorie in terms of foods’. To lead a healthy and wonderful life, all of us should be a bit more cautious about the food facts they used to eat daily.

  • Ab Workout For Women

    Naturally women have wider pelvis and longer waist than men. As a result for women it’s slightly tough to achieve flat AB by losing belly fat. In order to get flat AB women need to give a little extra effort. By doing some specific AB workouts women can get their desired flat AB. Let’s have a look at these AB workouts.


    Plank Crawl Out




    1. Stand up and keep your feet together. Bend at your hips and try to touch the ground.

    2. After your fingertips touchingthe ground you need to walk your hands out until you arrive at a push-up position.

    3. Crawl your way back up to the starting position by inching your hands backwards.Then pick your hips up. When your feet are flat on the floor then bend at your hips one more time.After that lift your back up to the standing position.

    Side Plank




    1. Start on your left side.Keep your elbow under your shoulder.At this time your forearm should be perpendicular to the body.
    2. Place your one leg in front of another leg. Then Compress your AB.
    3. Lift your hips off the ground.Do it until your body makes a diagonal line from your shoulder to your legs.Hold near about 45 seconds.
    4. At last exchange sides and repeat the whole process.


    Reverse Crunch




    1. Seat on a tool.Bend your knees at 90 degree angle. At this time you should keep your feet flat.
    2. Put your arms forward so that your palms can face each other.
    3. Pull your belly button toward your spine.Try to curve your spine into a C shape.
    4. At last return to the starting position and repeat the whole process about 15 times.


    Boat Pose




    1. At first sitstraightand bend your knees.Keep your feet flat on the ground.
    2. Sit on your hip and lift your legs off the ground.
    3. Extend your arms and keep your palms up. At this time your body will form a V shape.
    4. Hold this position for near about half minute.


    Alligator Drag

    It’s a special kind of AB workout. For thisAB workoutyou need enough space to move and something that will slide easily on the floor. You can do this AB workout on tiles floor.You can also do it by puttingtowel or plastic bag on the carpet.



    AB workouts for women


    There is a misconception already developed among some people that they think burning calorie and burning fat is the same thing. But it is absolutely wrong. However, through burning fat, we truly can burn some calorie but with burning calorie, we hardly can burn fat proportionately.


    Why we cannot burn fat proportionately while burning calorie?


    The reasons why we cannot burn fat the same as burning calorie Stated below-

    As our calorie generally comes from three major components of foods these are likely-protein, carbohydrates and fat if you want to lose some weight through exercising then definitely your body starts burning calories, which came from carbohydrate portion in your body. Conversely, if you want to burn calories from your stored fat, your body demands oxygen available there. Except getting enough oxygen required by your body will be unable to burn stored fat rather lose water weight instead. Consequently, your body’s metabolism process start slowing down that causes even weight gain. On the other hand, if you can keep your heart rate in a target zone while doing exercises only then you can assess   the amount of oxygen your body needs to start burning stored fat. Though the target heart rate varies person to person but comes exactly the same way through aerobic exercises. Depending on what types of workouts you are taking and how intense it is, heart rate varies person to person. If your workout is more intense, the faster your heart needs to beat in order to supply your muscle with oxygen. With lower heart rate, only fat will be consumed as your main energy source. On the other hand, highly- intense exercises causes burning of higher rate of glucose.


    The Way We Can Burn Fat Technically


    Perhaps, so far we know that burning calorie is not the same thing as   burning fat .Anyways, let me discuss how we can technically burn both calorie and fat! During workouts at first your body uses huge calories that come from carbohydrates for energy. Whenever carbohydrates get depleted, instantly your body needs additional energy to fuel physical activity that comes from triglycerides which are released from fat cell.


    For example-


    If you   want to burn calories and fat at a time, you are to burn 3,500 calories more than your consumption in case of burning a pound of such way; you may burn both calories and fat   technically.

    Moreover, if you burn more calories than consumption forces your body to access energy stored as fat. Similarly, if you want to burn fat without increasing consumption of calories denotes that your body use more of the calorie you consumed and store less of them. Thus, you can lose your weight.


    The Truth About Losing Fat


    According to American council on exercise fat burning zone is considered as a myth .because, to lose weight and body fat, you definitely have to create a calorie deficit.


    For example-


    If anybody eats more calorie continuously than spends it, he will not be able to make a dent in body fat. If he starts exercising even after depletion of storage carbohydrates, as early as he provides his body more calorie than its needs, surly the excess portion will be stored as triglycerides. Here he is necessarily burning calories but storing fat. However, sometimes he may burn some fat through exercising but the outcome is not that permanent.


    The basic difference between burning calories and burning fat is generally up to the sort of fuel our body is using. If you are unable to work out long for long time but having too much foods and drinks instead, it will be difficult to reach yourself at fat burning zone. But you can certainly go there if you can follow few factors that involved here. Such as- through more exercising and less eating or make a combination of both in a planned way. Don not forget that  burning calorie does not mean burning fat only as discussed you should start focusing on losing fat through exercising as cannot lose your stored fat just from burning calories particularly. So it is always a wrong belief among people that burning calorie and burning fat is the same thing which is absolutely wrong.

    Burning Fat vs Burning Calories




    What is BMI?




    BMI is the short form of the term Body Mass Index. It refers to the screening tool which can help individuals to determine whether he/she is overweight, underweight or healthy according to the height and weight.

    It’s the quickest and simplest way to screen the fitness of a person. The range of healthy BMI score is among 20-25. So, if someone has a score below the 20, then it necessarily signifies that he/she is underweight. This underweight problem can pave the way to malnutrition problem after certain period of time.

    On the other hand, if someone lays in the values greater than 25, then it signifies the overweight problem. This problem can lead the way to numerous diseases likely obesity, diabetes, cardio vascular etc.


    How to measure BMI

    An organization named ’Belgium Statistician Adolphe Quetelet’ was responsible to develop the BMI theory/formula nearly 150 years ago. From then to now on it is one of the widely recognized formulas around the world to determine ones fitness. The calculation can be done by couple of ways, such as

    1. Metric BMI formula
    2. Imperial BMI formula

    These two ways are very simple and easy way to determine the BMI. Now, here I am going to discuss briefly about the catch of this formula. You can easily learn it, if you can spend some time to read over.


    1. Metric BMI formula

    In this particular formula BMI is measured dividing weight (kilograms) by height in Meters squared (Kg/m²). The formula in words-

    Weight (kg)/ Height (m²)


    2. Imperial BMI formula

    In this formula, first of all you have to multiply your weight in pounds by 703. Then divide the number by your height in inches squared.

    Weight (lbs) ×703/ Height (inches²)


    BMI categories

    I have already discussed the catch for understanding ones condition in BMI. If it was not enough to get into the point, then you can take a look at the following table given below. The standard weight status categories associated with BMI ranges for adults are shown in the table



    Weight status

    Below 18.5






    30.0 and above



    The World Health Organization (WHO) international classification of adult underweight, overweight and obesity according to values of BMI



    BMI (kg/m2)
    principal cut-off points

    BMI (kg/m2)
    additional cut-off points




    Severe thinness



    Moderate thinness



    Mild thinness



    Normal range












    Obese class I



    Obese class II



    Obese class III




    BMI calculator and chart

    You can easily measure your BMI by fill in the gaps of this given calculator. At first enter your height, and then your weight. After filling this two fields, please Click on the button “Calculate your BMI’ to get the result. For your better understanding and to help you determine your BMI, there is a chart given below. It is termed as BMI chart. Different shaded area signifies the values whether you are healthy, overweight, obese or extremely obese.

    Body mass index chart - weight from 95-245 pounds


    Determine the BMI




    Distracted eating refers to the condition of consuming food while someone is distracted from eating by playing games on cell phone, doing work in computer, watching television and so forth. It’s more likely to the term eating amnesia, which can drive people to the irregular metabolism process.

    This disturbed metabolism can pave the way to more weight gaining ever since you realized. Multitasking tendency, hurried or distracted eating make the way smoother to the habit of overeating and obesity.

    A team of health scientist from the University of Birmingham conducted a research to figure out the differences between distracted eating and its consequences on the body weight. To conduct this study, they have made two distinguish group consisting of same number of people.

    One group was eating their meat while watching television and another one were not. They published the result of studies in the journal named ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’. They concluded the research with major key results. These are likely-


    • If people are being distracted or not able to pay attention to the meal, what they are eating, then they usually tend to eat more than the typical meal. This is the outcome from first group.
    • The second group who were paying attention to their meal usually tended to eat less from the other group. They ate less at their meal and later on the following day.


    The result found from the studies make the good senses about consuming calories and its variation. The calorie consumption awfully differs for distracted eating. The hunger is not only the catalyst to make variation in eating habit. Rather, concentration plays the vital role in this particular fact.


    How to get rid of the habit of distracted eating?

    Although it’s very hard to change any habit once acquired. Distracted eating is also the same. It doesn’t make any difference. But, nothing is impossible to change if we ought to do. There are few things can be followed consistently to get rid of this habit. Such as-


    1.  Keep all the work away while eating the meal

    The first and most important thing is to keep away all the work while eating the meal. It’s inevitable to complete all of the work before taking your meal.


    2. Watch your food while eating

    There is a very common trend among the people to not watching the food while doing multitasking job at the time of eating. So, you have to be determined to watch your food to enhance the taste of eating. Your blind eating will certainly lead the way to overeating. Once you can watch your food, then you determine whether this food enough for you or not.


    3. Budget your time properly

    You have to budget your time and don’t get involved any kind of work while eating the meal. If you can do the budget accordingly, then no matter how tough it is, you can easily figure out ample of time to eat your meal. Be technical and tricky in budgeting your time.


    4. Know about the calories you are consuming

    Calorie is the most important issue for losing weight. It’s considered as the principal key to success in this particular issue. It‘s not very tough to know about the calorie. You don’t even have to be a rocket scientist to get the catch of INS and out of calorie. You can simply learn it by reading the nutrition facts tagged on the food label.

    Besides, you can also make a guess if you can figure out the food elements in your meal. Carbohydrate and protein produces 4 calories per 1 gram of serving, whereas fat produces near about 9 calories per 1 gram serving.


    5. Set your personal goal and feel the difference of distracted eating

    It’s very essential to set your personal goal while you are on the way to lose weight. Your goal can drive you to stay apart from all kinds of bad habits like distracted eating. Once you can realize the differences, then you could help it happen in course of time.  


    Distracted Eating


    Losing weight requires calories cut down and regular exercise. But there are some people who are still not losing weight following this principle. Most of the time it happens due to weak metabolism system. Although, many people have little idea regarding the term metabolism.



    Metabolism is a sum of chemical process, which goes on frequently in our body, and it keeps our organic function like digestion, breathing, cell repairing process smooth at the same time it helps us to stay alive. To continue this system or process, it needs energy. The required amount of calorie to keep this process on is called basal metabolic rate. Around 40%-70% of your daily energy consumption is account for metabolism process. You can calculate the required energy for your metabolism process online.

    The BMR varies with people to people depending on the age, gender, weight and genes factor. As you are aged, the BMR also tend to decrease. On the other hand, men require more energy as they have fast metabolism process than that of woman.


    How to increase metabolism to lose weight


    Have protein diet

    You have already known that protein rich foods takes more time and digestion effort so it helps to burn more calories than other foods. Even it resist your appetite so that you lose weight faster.


    Keep dairy foods in your meal 

    Metabolism is boosted if you include dairy foods in your meal as dairy foods is loaded with calcium. When you consume more calcium, it helps to stop emitting hormones that causes fat production. You can burn some extra pounds of fat by just including some low fat dairy foods such as yoghurt, cheese, skim milk in your daily meal.


    Heavy workouts

    Workouts is the primary activity for losing weight but if you perform some heavy exercise you will have higher metabolism for rest of the day.


    Workout less but frequently

    You can raise your metabolism by doing workouts for less time but frequently. Do three smaller 5 minutes workouts with high intensity.


    Drink ice-cold water

    Water not only promotes better digestion but also helps to boost metabolism. When you drink ice-cold water, your body has to raise metabolism rate to make water warm.


    Drink green tea

    Your metabolism will be boosted by 4% with a simple green tea. Green tea breaks down fat elements of the body. In an experiment, it is seen that some people decreased their weight by two times by taking green tea supplements.


    Spicy foods

    Do you like spicy foods? If you don’t, then start loving spicy foods. From a recent study paper, it is known that you can boost your metabolism 8%-20% within half an hour of eating spicy foods. You just add some cayenne pepper or mustard in your daily recipes.


    Besides, your thyroid function also regulates your metabolism process. If you improve your thyroid function including more seafood, nuts, seeds, your metabolism rate must be increased. Develop drinking habit of caffeine as it improves fat burning metabolism.


    How to Speed up Metabolism to Lose Weight



    People with excess obesity lives in danger of various health complexities, sometimes these complexities become life threatening for them. In this terrible situation only dieting or exercise does not work properly. Excessive obesity hinders the normal lifestyle. Obese People are sometimes being proved as unfit to work at home and outside. So it becomes a huge problem for earning livelihood as well.


    That awfully unfavorable situation sometimes necessitates taking big decision. No matter how complex or difficult the process is, people will try hard to get rid of this curse.


    Bariatric surgery is one of the complex ways to get rid of the obesity problem. After failing on various approaches, bariatric surgery is the one last solution of this problem. Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is considered as a sort of magic solution, which can make your life comfortable and enjoyable. Bariatric surgery helps to reduce 30%-50% of body weight within a very short span of time.  


    But taking this decision is not that easy. It needs a commitment and determination to change the lifestyle for the rest of the time you live after this surgery. You can’t eat as much as you eat before the surgery. You have to follow a proper diet and exercise schedule alongside. Otherwise all the effort to lose weight will go in vain.


    Bariatric surgery refers a complex surgery that is done on the stomach or intestine by squeezing the stomach with an adjustable band. This band makes the stomach narrower; as a result the patient will feel fuller at stomach after eating a small amount of food. For instance, if a normal stomach holds 6 cups of foods as a standard amount, after bariatric surgery stomach will hold only one cup of food. This restrictive amount of food forces to lose weight. Depending on the patient’s age, sex, health condition etc usually three types of bariatric surgery are conducted. These are likely-

    • Adjustable gastric band
    • Sleeve gastrectomy
    • Gastric bypass

    As I have already mentioned that it is a complex surgery so you must follow a certain procedure before and after the surgery.  Here I am suggesting some dos’ and don’ts before and after the surgery.


    Before the surgery

    • Stop taking Aspirin, herbal products and heart medication before a week ago of the surgery.
    • Patients with diabetes must stop oral medication before 24 hours of the surgery. Ask your doctor about other medication that should be stopped.
    • You have to start taking liquid diet before 48 hours of surgery. As a liquid diet, you can take apple juice, white grape juice, coffee or tea with no sugar.
    • On the day to surgery you can take prescribed medication with small amount of water.

    After the surgery

    • When your surgery is done, you must keep moving your body. Sitting idly will not improve your situation. Don’t sit for an hour at a time. Walk 5-10 minutes in each and every hour.
    • Try to perform aerobic activities 3-5 times every week for 30 minutes.
    • Many patient faces dehydration after surgery for not taking enough water. You must drink a cup of water in every an hour. But don’t drink caffeine and carbonated drink.
    • It will not be right to swim till two weeks after the surgery. But you can take regular shower on daily basis.

    People having bariatric surgery may have some other health related problems. Some alleges that they feel depress after the surgery. After losing weight excess skin is another problem that needs another corrective surgery.

    Yes, there are some side effects of bariatric surgery. But the chances of side effects are not much serious. People may face bleeding, infection on the sewn parts of the intestine, diarrhea etc. It happens only then if you do not follow the prescription of the doctor. It may happen over the lifetime as I have already said that this surgery needs a lifetime commitment. Any negligence can aggravate the problem. You have to follow proper diet and perform physical activities. Stay in touch of doctor if any complications are appeared.

    It is said the risk of surgery are far less than the risk of having obesity. It removes the other health related problems. It can make your life longer and enjoyable.


    Facts to know about the bariatric surgery