Calories and Kilojoules in Foods


As a human being, we need a lot of energy to do our day-to-day activities regularly. We get our daily energies from different sources. However, Foods are considered as prime source of energy. So most of the energies that our body needs come from foods sectors. In that case, you should have a clear conception of energy you need daily to maintain a good health. Especially if you are one of them who are very concerned about their excessive weight.


Furthermore, to lose weight or maintain smart health through a healthy dieting you need to understand the right portion of energy that come from foods sectors daily. Nevertheless, the matter is how you would measure the amount of energy. By understanding both calories and kilojoules, you can measures your energy portion of foods. It is often very confusing that to measure the amount of energy as it given sometimes in the form of calories and sometimes in the form of kilojoules. However, either calories or kilojoules are used to measure the number of energy you need in your diet, still there are few distinguishes are found between them. Perhaps, you need a clear understanding about calories and kilojoules to understand weight loss diet plan.


Here I would like to discuss you what the calories and kilojoules in foods really are and these basic tips may help you reduce you confusion a bit. 


What is Calorie in Foods?


Calorie is normally used to understand how much energy you are taking in and how much are burning out daily. That means it is a measurement used to measure the amount of is a unit of energy. Every day we consume lot of energy from eating foods or drinks. How much energy we are consuming you can understand by the description of calories often labeled on foods pack or by using calorie counter.


For example-

Eating something of 1000 calories, which is how you will understand how much energy you are getting from that certain portion of the food item or drink.           


Therefore, calorie can be termed into two-one is large calorie and another one is small calorie.


Difference between a large and a small calorie given below-

1 large calorie which is defined as kilocalorie (kcal) contains 1000 calories in it.

I.e. 1000(C) = one kilocalories or large calorie


So if you are very concerned to lose your weight through proper dieting you should limit consuming the foods have excessive calorie. Thus, understanding the calories issue accurately help you select your proper foods options for eating.


What is Kilojoules in Foods?


Kilojoules is used to measure the amount of energy that come from our daily consumption of foods. But the amount of energy that come in is entirely depends on the three substances of foods contained in these are likely- fat, carbohydrate, protein.

Some Foods like- fruits, vegetables and legumes are relatively considered as a low energy (kilojoule) dense foods. Some foods, on the other hand, are highly enriched with fats, added sugars or alcohol consider as most energy-dense foods. This is why you should consumed them moderately, particularly if you are suffering from overweight or obesity.


The other way to measure, the amount of energy you need or consume from foods or drinks is kilojoules. By understanding kilojoules, you can measure how much energy you consume and burn out daily. It is exactly the same way you measure the amount of energy by counting calorie. But the fundamental difference in between both is about the variation of unit you use to measure something.


For example –

1 calorie(C) = 4.184 kilojoules


4.184 kilojoules = (you can say) 1 C

So understanding the kilojoules help you to select the foods contain more or less calorie.


What are the Basic Distinguishes in Between Two?


The basic difference is absolutely nothing but the variation of unit we generally use to measure anything.


For instance-

Calories is thought most conventional way of unitary measurement of energy used to measure the energies that come from foods or drinks only. Kilojoules, on the other hand, is also a unitary system to measure the amount of energy come from foods or drinks as well. Nonetheless, kilojoules is a multiple form of joules, which is specifically used to measure energy of alone by using the international system of units by researchers. That means, joules is also used to measure the Foods’s quantity in its multiples form, which is known as kilojoules (KJ) most popularly. You can say kilojoules is used to measure the energy from foods and drinks alone and joule is only for measuring energy from other sources. In many regions of the world kilojoules (kJ) is widely used on foods label to help the customer understand the portion of calories come from that certain food product. In some of the regions, they use both calorie (Cal) / kilocalories (kcal) and kilojoules (KJ) on their food labels to help their public understand the energy portion of foods well. But in some other countries they used only one criterion to measure the energy of foods or drinks whether that can be in calorie(C)/kilocalorie (Kcal) or in the form of kilojoules (KJ)


For example-

In EU, they use both the kilojoules and kilocalories on their foods products and on the other side, in USA and in Canada they use just in calorie it is either in small calorie (Cal) or in lager calorie (kcal) on their foods labels.


The basic variation of calorie and kilojoules given below-

1 calorie(C) = 4.184 kilojoules


4.184 kilojoules = (you can say) 1 C


1 kJ = 0.2 Calories (Cals) 1 Calorie = 4.2 (kJs)          

Here is a chart of energy values for various foods component given below-

37 (kJ) of Fat = 9 Cal) but not all fatty acids may contain same amount of energy

29 (kJ) of Alcohol = 7 (Cal)

16 (kJ) of Carbohydrates = 4 (Cal) – but not all carbohydrates may contains the same amount of energy 

17 (kJ) of Protein = 4 (Cal)

13 (kJ) Dietary fiber – 3 (Cal) – if it is fermented by bacteria in the large intestine

Zero kJ of Water = zero (Cal).


So understanding the variation between both calorie and kilojoules will help you a lot to grab the exact amount of energy you need for your daily activity. Because, if you consume more energy than you need, it might be stored as a fat into your body what often makes your weight loss program unsuccessful. Therefore, having the idea of kilojoules and calorie is helpful for those especially who are in a weight loss process. Without understanding the matter of kilojoules and calorie, you cannot exactly hit the appropriate calorie intake for you.


    Bicycling indoors


    Now a days’ bicycling indoor has become very popular form of workouts among the people. It can be a great way to burn calories from the body, which may result in losing weight.

    Besides, indoor cycling can help strengthening and toning the muscles of different parts of the body. It’s proved that spinning or paddling can help individuals to reach their fitness goal in a short period of time. So, if someone can determine to stick to the process of bicycling indoor, then it will definitely open the ways to lose weight faster.

    It can’t be specified that how much weight is lost by performing indoor cycling for certain period of time. It actually varies according to the BMI and duration of the work by the individuals.


    How much calories are burned by bicycling indoor?

    Although I have mentioned that the amount of calorie burning differs person to person for various reasons. But, health professional were able to figure out some common standard of calories burning by conducting several studies on different group of people in course of time.

    A report from the Harvard Medical School recommends that a person weighing 125 pounds can burn about 210 calories for performing 30 minutes of bicycling indoor. The amount increases according to the body weight of the person and the duration of activities. For instance- A person weighing 155 pounds can burn 50 more calories than that 125 pounds person.

    So, by simply calculating the amount of calories being burned by performing indoor cycling we can figure out that if a person can perform one hour of paddling on a stationary bike then he/she could burn near about 500 calories a day.

    A deficit of 500 calories per day may result in total deficit of3500 calories in a week, which signifies that you can lose one pound of weight from the body by performing 1 hour a day.


    Consider the other factors while performing indoor cycling

    Performing one hour of indoor cycling per day doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to make a deficit of 500 calories on each day. There are some other factors incorporated with the issue as well. You may already aware that our body necessarily burns 2000-2200 calories per day for functioning on different physiological processes, which is termed as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). 

    Thus, if you can add more 500 calories with the BMR, then it will result in burning 2700 calories off the body. For instance, suppose you are used to consume the amount of food per day worth of 3200 calories. Thereby, on the following day you can make a total deficit of 500 calories from the body.


    Know the math and stick to the process

    From the previous section of this article you might able to figure out the math and calculation of calorie budget for losing weight. Now, knowing the fact will not result in success until you can stick to the process of burning calories. You have to be very regular and predetermine to perform certain period of time on daily basis.


    Other health benefits of bicycling indoor

    There are many other ways you could be benefitted by performing bicycling indoor consistently. Besides, burning calories and losing weight, you can make out some other health benefits alongside. These are likely-

    • It will keep the blood circulation fluent over the body
    • It will definitely strengthen your muscles of different parts of the body, especially the muscles of your legs
    • Indoor cycling will keep the cardiovascular health sound and fit throughout the time
    • Bicycling will help the oxygen flow occur accordingly.


    Bicycling indoors




    Glucomannan is a very well known dietary supplement. It’s made from a kind of plant name Konjae plant. Its main function is to protect individuals from storing fats dissolved with foods. Mixed impressions are being found about the impact of this element.

    Common side effects of glucomannan tablet-

    • Creating blockage in throat
    • Blockage in intestine
    • Blockage in esophagus (Connecting tube of throat and stomach)


    Green tea extract

    Green tea is a widely recognized dietary supplement around the world. It can help you to lose weight in some extent. Its consisting element caffeine would provide you some extra effectiveness to perform physical activity without much tiredness. In addition to that it may reduce the appetite and enhance the fat burning rate by boosting the metabolism process.

    Some side effects of green tea-

    • Vomiting
    • Gas forming
    • Dizziness
    • Insomnia
    • Nausea etc.



    Ephedra refers to the name of herbal supplement, which is also known as Ma Huang. It contains the ingredient named as ephedrine. It’s very much related with the man made compounds named as pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine.

    Common side effects of ephedra-

    • Arrhythmia
    • Stroke
    • Seizures
    • Heart attack etc.

    For the above serious side effects FDA has banned the supplement containing ephedra.


    Bitter orange

    Bitter orange is very well known weight loss supplement which is mainly found from the trees in Africa and tropical Asia. It is also can be found in the California, Florida and Mediterranean areas.

    It’s a kind of fruit which contain synephrine, a very relevant ingredient like ephedrine. It necessarily works by burning calories from the body. But, as FDA had banned the supplements containing ephedrine, then many manufacturers were bound to switch to produce bitter orange as an alternative to the ephedrine.

    Side effects of this element are very likely to the ephedra, which is mentioned in the other part of this article.


    Raspberry ketone

    Raspberry ketone refers to the chemical component which is being collected from raspberry kiwifruit, apples, peaches, grapes and so forth. Although there is no reliable evidences, but different studies show that it can be much influential in weight loss process.

    It makes it happen by boosting the metabolism process in some extent. It also can contribute in producing a hormone inside the body, which is called as Adiponectin. This hormone can increase the fat burning process and reduce the appetite.


    White kidney beans

    Supplements are made from the white kidney beans extract are very familiar for its impact on weight loss process. It’s named as starch blocker as well. It makes things happen by producing starch digesting enzyme amylase. If it fails to do so, then it turns the starch into absorbable compound like sugar. The impacts of kidney beans have been clinically proved by conducting several researches in recent years.

    Some common side effects of kidney beans-

    • Mild gas forming inside the stomach
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms
    • Bloating stomach etc.






    Before knowing about lower AB workouts we should have a brief idea about the position of the lower AB in our body. I want to inform you that lower AB muscle area is located below the belly button or navel of your body.


    If you know how to lose weight then you should agree with me that losing weight is not everybody’s cup of tea. Weight loss process is really a tough one. If you follow the guide to lose weight then you will find the term lower AB workouts.


    Generally lower AB muscle area deposits more fat than the other body area. To reduce belly fat from this abdominal area you can consider some workouts. These workouts are mainly involved in extending or raising your legs.


    These workouts not only help a lot to reduce belly fat but also help to increase the strength of abdominal muscle. Let’s know about the process of doing some lower AB workouts.  


    Leg raise




    1. Lie on your back and extend your legs. Try to keep your full body parallel to the surface.
    2. Put your arms on the top of your head.
    3. Lift your legs up very slowly. Try to keep them straight. Continue to lift your legs until they are at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Then slowly back down your legs.
    4. Remember, do not touch the surface with your legs. Try to keep your legs six inches above the ground. Hold the position for a while and repeat.

    Incline leg raise 




    1. Sit on an adjustable bench with bar or pad. Adjust the bench at 45 degree angle. Sit on the high end position of the bench. Then reach back and grasp the bar or pad above your head.
    2. Raise your feet off the ground. During this time keep your legs straight at the knee.
    3. Bring your legs at90 degree angle with torso and then lower your legs back down beyond parallel with the floor.

    Bicycle kick




    1. At first lie on your back. Then extend your legs. Try to keep your full body parallel to the surface.
    2. Put your arms on the top of your head and bring your left leg toward the chest. Then bend at your knee as it comes to the chest.
    3. While your left leg is at the chest, bend at your knee and bring your right leg toward the chest. At the same time extend your left leg back to its straight position.
    4. Remember, do not touch the surface with your legs. Try to keep your legs six inches above the ground. Hold the position for a while and then alternate to the other leg.


    Reverse crunch




    1. At first lie on a bench with handles at one end. Grasp the handle. Bend your knees and keep them up.
    2. Bring the heels of feet near to your hip. During this time don’t lift your pelvis off the bench and keep your feet flat on the bench.
    3. Put your knees toward the face rounding your back. At the same time bring your pelvis off the bench in a crunching motion. Hold the position for a while and compress your abdominal muscles.
    4. Slowly lower your knees and hip until your pelvis touches the bench. Remember do not touch the bench with your feet.






    1. Grasp the bar of a raised pull-up bar and hang. Lift your legs until they are parallel to the ground. Try to make L shape.
    2. Pull your chest toward the bar. At this time keep your body upright.
    3. Slowly lower your body and extend your arms fully.


    Lower ab workouts

  • Being affected with various diseases is a part of natural system of human body. Nature also has respective treatment for these diseases. That’s why it is said that nature is the best healer. When you gain too much weight and face various health problems, seeking natural solution is perfect option. This natural solution for losing weight is nothing but eating some natural foods as you eat every day. Here I am going to describe some natural foods that promote losing weight. It is very tough to maintain and follow some tight diet for losing weight. If you eat a natural food in your meal, you can lose weight at your own comfort level.



    Beans are protein and fiber containing food so that you will be full and satisfied with small amount of it. It contains very low amount of fat. If you want to build lean body mass, then beans made foods can lead you towards your goal.



    Whatever fruits we eat in our daily life is filled with carbs but avocado contains fat, of course healthy fat. It contains monosaturated oleic acid and profuse amount of water so you can eat a big volume with fewer calories.



    If you consume Blueberries, it will provide high fiber with very fewer amounts of calories. It has antioxidants that keeps you younger and boost your metabolism rates. If you eat a cup of blueberries then you will get 80 calories with 4 grams of fiber.


    Brown rice

    Brown rice supplies instant energy so when you consume it you become more active. It consequently helps in losing weight. There are some carbs that are converted into fat but the carbs of brown rice never turns into fat. At the same time, it has manganese that helps in synthesizing body fat.



    Although it is fat-containing food but it also contains protein and fiber. In study, it is seen that eating nutty foods promotes digestion very effectively. In later phase, it causes weight loss. But you have to keep track of the amount of it as it is very high in calories.


    Chili paper     

    A substance called capsaicin contains in chili paper, which helps to reduce appetite and makes you feel full. You can also find this substance in the form of supplement. But it has very low effect on those who are accustomed with spicy foods.


    Chia seeds

    It is one of the lowest carb but best fiber rich foods. It absorbs water and get out of the body. In this way, it helps to reduce water. Every ounce of Chia seeds is full with 12 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fiber.

    Whenever you take, any particular diet just be sure that you are taking a well balanced diet and other nutritional foods. Weight loss is not only following a diet but it is more than that. Your total life style shifted from one way to the other way. This changes ranges from lifestyle to your mental health. As soon as you will be accustomed with these changes, your weight loss process will also be quicker.

    Natural Weight Loss Foods


    There are some such so many so-called rapid weight loss diet plans promising to give you a healthy shape in a very short period. Some of them sound like as give you that almost in no time, which is ridiculous sometimes. Fad diet is considered as one of the rapid weight loss diet plan that also promises to give you a dramatic result in shedding extra weight that already grown around your body over time. However, it is not healthy that much and effective as well for losing weight through long-term process.


    Therefore, nothing can be as perfect as it should be if it is done very rapidly. The process of losing weight is the same. However, to lose weight smoothly and perfectly you should go under a long-term planned process. So losing weight by following fad diet or anything like this can be unhealthy and even dangerous sometimes for your health.


    In fact, these types of   rapid weight losing plan designed for some people who want to lose weight rapidly without doing any workouts. In fad diet some certain foods are restricted to eat of which most of them are found monotonous and unappealing to dieters sometimes. It is, in fact, difficult to stick to it for longer period and even can be harmful for your health.


    Nonetheless, for losing weight safely and permanently fad diet is not usually treated as a healthy or highly recommended weight loss process by the scientific community.


    What are the Fad Diets?


    Some of the fad diets foods discussed below.


    Diet with Height Protein


    Protein enriched diets basically includes a large quantities of protein that basically come from eggs, meats, so on. But eating high protein diets how could be effective in losing weight or building your muscle strong as it often triggers most fat and calories for your body! But through physical activity and weight lifting you may be somehow able to do these. Therefore, eating too much fat diet enriched foods daily than you need can be unhealthy or threatening for your health. Though there was some goods result seen in the past using fad diet to lose weight, but most of them was loss of water weight rather lose of fat portion of the body.  Fad diet foods are basically full of calories or fat but lacking essential nutrients you need for your body. So eating these types of foods for losing weight may not work that much to bring you permanent solution.


    Liquid Diets


    Bringing liquid foods in your regular diet can be effective in losing weight to somewhat as it is effective in resisting some sorts of diseases and stay you hydrate but it is not the sustainable solution to keep you stay on the track. Because whenever you switch to your regular foods quitting liquid foods, soon you will get your pounds right back on.


    Single Diet Solution


    Sometimes they offer such type of single diet solution to loss weight which really awful for your health. Therefore, there is very few calories in these types of foods than you normally need. Such foods are also lacking essential vitamins and minerals required for your regular activity.

    For example-

    Eating grape fruit only may not be that much effective for losing weight permanently.


    Combined Foods Diets


    There is a myth of combining different foods diet to help you lose weight faster by burning calories. But, there is lack of concrete scientific evidence in favor of such belief. Therefore these types of foods may lack important nutrients for your body or cause any disease also.


    Prefer Juice over Solid Foods


    Losing weight by drinking juice or other liquids may help you to lose some weight. Without eating solid foods for a certain span of time may lead you to feel like sleepy or  a result ,you feel like to reacts to starvation as your metabolic rate become  lower at which you are able to burn few calories that pave the way to lose some weight.


    Relying much on Vegetable like Cabbage


    Relying on vegetable like –cabbage may help you to lose some water weight rather that of from fat portion. But whenever, you quit this practice, soon you will probably be back to the old stage. Besides this, eating too many this type of food may trigger some gastrointestinal or light- headedness complexities.


    The Cons of Fad Diets


    Due to following fad diets plan to lose weight is sometimes life-threatening or not that much effective in long term weight loss process also. Some of the complexities can be generated for using fad diet weight plan as given below-

    • It is not effective for long-term process as you leave it soon you gain your lost pounds.
    • It may increase the risk of some life threatening diseases like-cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease etc.
    • Due to high protein and low carbohydrate, normally pave the way to form uric acid and calcium oxalate, which may cause formation of kidney stones.
    • Lack of eating enough carbohydrate there is a chance of ketosis occur in your body and so on.

    In short, if you are try to lose your weight in shortest possible time and then consult your physician or dietitian to help you. Without consulting any expertise of in this field but only doing it on your own may put your life in an unwanted situation. Therefore, diet like fad is hardly thought as fruitful one to lose weight safely and permanently for long span of time.

    Fad Diet to Lose Weight Quickly


    There is a common misconception among some of us that they think, fatty foods is always bad for their health. It is mostly seen among the dieters who are on a weight lose journey. They think, if you eat fat, you will be fatty. But every fat is not bad for their health. However, fatty foods should strongly be avoided while you are on a diet to shed extra pounds that grown all over your body over time. The foods those are full of Tran’s fat and saturated fat, as these are considered worst for your body. So whenever you are picking up your foods, be aware of these types of fats. These fats may always act as a barrier on your way to success.


    On the other hand, some other healthy fats can be helpful for your weight lose journey. What fat is good and what fat is not is all about selection of fats that either it is healthy or unhealthy for maintaining a healthy weight management. Therefore, avoiding fats enriched foods totally may lack the essential amount of your daily fat intake. So, picking up some healthy fat in a right amount may act as trick to lose weight to some extent.


    Generally, healthy fats are very effective in controlling your appetite, minimizing the daily calorie consumption so on. It may also helpful; for your heart and for metabolism process to function smoothly. Hence, going for right amount of healthy fatty foods can be wish thinking for your weight loss process.


    Here I would like to bring you some healthy sources of fatty foods these can actually be a boost for your health.


    Grass-Fed Beef


    Grass-fed beef’s meat possesses multiple of health benefits for your body. It is a great source of omega-3 healthy fatty acid. You may already have heard that omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid. It can be very helpful especially for those guys who are very health nut. Moreover, it is very helpful to keep your heart functioning well. It is also helpful to keep your regular body weight under control. So to minimize your various heart complexities it really can help you to some extent. It is naturally lean and containing very fewer calorie comparing to meats from conventional sources.


    For example-

    From a grass fed steak you may find nearly 234 numbers of calorie and 5 grams of fat. But from same quantity of a conventional steak you are served with 386 numbers of calories and 16 grams of fat. So apparently you can save almost 150 numbers of calories and 10 grams of fat just by switching from conventional steak to grass-fed strip steak. In that case, you are not losing your steak’s taste at all, even you may get it better sometimes. Eating such types of grass-fed strip steak may not harm your heart health and body weight that much what was often done before by eating conventional strip steak. In such way, you can find your steak both healthy and taste soothing at the same time.

    Hence, eating grass-fed you will get it both tasty and a useful for weight loss process.


    Olive Oil


    Olive oil is also considered as a potential source of healthy fat what is good for your health. Therefore, containing good amount of fats will not trigger your weight gain. Nonetheless, it has polyphones, which are very useful to fight cancer. It has also monounsaturated fat that is very effective to make your heart strong. An olive oil enriched diet has higher level of adiponectin (a hormone responsible for breaking down of fats in human body) than that of in a highly carbohydrate-enriched food or highly protein-enriched diet has. Thus, eating olive oil in large quantity may help you to lower your BMI. So use it your different recipes such as- in sauces, dressing etc.




    Though coconut oil is enriched in saturated fat, but the dietary supplementation of it is in fact very useful in reducing abdominal obesity. In a study, it was found that, participants who were given coconut oil of 2 table spoons than who were given soybean oil lose weight comparatively better. So eating coconut oil may help you to shrink your waistline to some extent.


    Dark Chocolate


    Not all junk foods are responsible for your weight gain.

    For example- eating dark chocolate than milk one may provide you fewer calories since dark chocolate contains pure cocoa butter, which is a source of stearic acid that slows your digestion whereas milk chocolate is a source of added butterfat. As a result, it takes very rare time to be processed. The dark chocolate, on the other hand, takes more time to process. Moreover; it helps to mitigate your hunger and helps to lose weight to some extent.


    Almond Butter


    In spite of high content of fat, almond may come in handy to help you lose few pounds according to a study. Some compounds of almond are very useful in limiting the fat incorporated by the a result, some of the fats run undigested. That is how eating almond butter may help to avoid extra fat or calories what pave the way gaining weight abnormally.




    The fat of avocado may not that much worrying for you. Avocado is a source of mono-saturated what has oleic acid in it. The oleic acid is helpful to make you feel less hunger so that you do not tend to eat very frequent. It may also provide you enough of protein and fiber. Thus, it may help you to have a healthy body weight and to lead a sound health.


    Greek Yogurt


    Adding a low-sugar and high protein greek yogurt in your regular breakfast may help you to control your appetite and feel full for longer period of time. Because of extra protein and healthy fat combo in greek yogurt can be one of your good choice for fat. Protein usually takes longer period to break down and on the other hand, the mechanism of fat is to make you feel satisfied.


    Wild Salmon


    You can find essential amount of healthy fat from wild salmon fish. It has a good health benefit. It is a source of healthy omega-3 fatty acid what is good for your heart health. Eating salmon, a couple of times in a week may be helpful for your health. The omega-3 found in wild salmon also helpful in reducing the risk of arrhythmia, decreasing the level of triglyceride and lowering the blood pressure slightly.

    Healthy Fatty Foods