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However, it is very natural that if someone wants to lose weight, then he/she will look for the ways to lose it fast. No matter how tough or complex the process is! Many of us strive to find a quick relief from the overweight problem.


Short term or long-term approach?

People seem confused about whether to look for short term or long term approaches. Usually we want to achieve our weight loss goal within a short span of time. But, this is a great mistake. For your kind attention, I would like to inform you that there is no reliable way to lose weight fast. You have to go slowly but surely.

Moreover, you have to make a plan for long-term approach. This approach will lead you on the way to lose weight gradually but steadily.


Exercise or diet?

Whenever we talk about losing weight, then there are some few things comes to mind at the initial level. These are likely –

  • Healthy diet
  • Performing exercise

Some people want to know, what is the best way to follow for long-term effect? Yes, it’s very important question regarding the issue. In that perspective, from my own experience I would like to suggest that there is multiple type of things you need to follow, while you are on the way to weight loss process. You cannot just depend on one single way to achieve your desired goal within the planned time. Therefore, healthy diet and exercise should go side by side. These two ways are incorporated with each other very firmly.


Knowing about the calorie

Calorie is the most essential thing while you make up your mind to lose weight. All the weight gaining and losing process depends on the calorie intake and expenditure. So, if someone can make a good budget on calorie, then it will definitely lead the way to lose weight.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know about the calorie budget. It’s very simple and quite easy to learn. You will find a guideline to learn about the calorie from the other section of this website. Concentrate on the corresponding articles related to the counting calories.


Knowing about the metabolism process

Metabolism refers to a complex bio chemical process. It’s considered as one of the major factors for proper functioning of human body. This process is liable to convert the food intake in to energies, which is known as calorie. This process can significantly influence to utilize the produced calories from the consumed foods. It also helps to transform the produced calories into the deserving cells of the body.

If metabolism process is disrupted by anyways, then it will lead the way to store enough calories as fat. Therefore, it is necessarily inevitable to keep the metabolism process sound and sharp for impact in losing fat.


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    If you have very urgent to lose weight, there are some quick weight losing diet that forcibly promotes weight loss. Low calorie diet is generally involved with low calorie soup, bar, porridge mixed with milk. Normally this diet is offered to those people who extremely obese and they need to reduce some weight immediately.

    But there are certain fact that makes it essential for applying. Before going with low calorie diet just be sure that you know the facts. Because it has to be followed under medical prescription. The maximum time for following this diet is 12 weeks.


    How much low is low calorie diet?             

    Low calorie diet refers a diet that contain maximum 800 calories per day. The amount of calories depends on some other factors. It offers far fewer calories than someone needs normally. It mostly contains liquid shakes, bars, soups instead of regular meals. That’s why it promotes weight loss rapidly.     


    When you can take low calorie diet?

    Doctor suggest low calorie diet when a patient carry excess risk of obesity. Particularly a person who has score of 30 in BMI. But don’t follow any low calorie diet if you are not prescribed to do so.


    Low calorie diet idea

    • The Cambridge diet plan

    It is developed by Cambridge University in 1970 but launched in 1984. In this diet plan a little amount of vitamins and nutrients are provided as soups, bars or brix. In the beginning, you have to consume 415-500 calories but after few days, you can increase calorie to 790 – 1000 calories. Another thing is you have to drink plenty of water to avoid the risk of dehydration.  

    • The cabbage diet soup diet

    It has very low fat but very high fiber. It is very low calorie diet that’s why you can eat plenty of it. If you want to lose weight immediately for an occasion like wedding or party then cabbage soup can serve your purpose perfectly.   

    • Maple soup diet

    It is mix of maple syrup, cayenne pepper with lemonade. The concentration of the elements contain high amount of vitamin A. This diet stimulates blood flow and increase metabolism. There is no is side effect of drinking excess of this syrup so you can eat as much as you want.


    The health risk of low calorie diet

    Low calorie diet has some potential side effects. So if you take this diet to lose weight quickly be in touch with your doctor. As I mentioned early, it has to be taken if you are suggested. You may face constipation, fatigue, and diarrhea. Though the problem starts improving within few days and it rarely resist patient to take this diet. Besides some serious side effects may occur such as gallstone. Although this effect is not seen to all. It particularly occurs to woman. But there are some medicine that prevents forming gallstone at the time of losing weight. At the same time, it may cause heart problem, anemia, gout, losing lean muscle

    Moreover, in short term, you can get some weight losing result but it is not suitable for long term. Now you can ask what to do for long-term benefit. For long term benefit you need to develop a healthy eating habit and perform exercise regularly

    Low Calorie Diet


    Weight loss eating plan is one which most of the people can’t follow for long time. So mere an eating plan can’t is not enough for an effective weight loss program. It has to be proper planned in such a way so that the follower can go with it for long period of time. 

    For making this plan easily achievable, you need to develop your meal with such items that you enjoy most at the same time boost your metabolism process. Here I develop an eating plan for losing weight successfully.


    Go with berry

    Want to cut calories? Simply eat berry and shape your waistline within a few days. Berries are filled with antioxidants, which keeps your skin healthy. At the same time, it causes to feel you full. Feeling full with small amount of food is a primary condition for losing weight. It is enough to take half cup of blue berries per week.


    Power up with protein

    Very few people don’t like eating protein rich foods. It’s not only satiating but also reduces some extra chunk of fat from your body. The main fact of protein rich food in weight loss is it takes additional effort to digest. This effort needs to spend lots of energy in the form of calorie. So eating plenty of protein rich foods you ultimately burn lots calories. But dietician suggest to eat protein rich foods early in the breakfast. It will get enough time to digest across the day.


    Avoid quick solution of hungry

    Many people make mistakes when they are in hurry and need something to fix it quickly. Most of the time they grab some potato chips, French fries, oily snacks which give a temporary solution but ultimately helps you to gain weight. Instead of this junk foods take some healthy raw vegetables like carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes etc. another healthy choice of snack can a bowl of popcorn. However, don’t take a pack from super market.


    Some criteria of healthy meal

    • It is a common notion that fat and sugar is always bad. But remember your body requires every single nutrients for proper function.
    • Balance your food elements. Vegetables is good for losing weight but you should not avert from carb rich foods. So always, maintain a balance among various foods.
    • Many people have tendency of eating supplements. But you should take always natural sources of vitamin. Yes, you can take supplement if you need any rare nutrients that is not normally found in natural sources.
    • Have variety of foods to avoid monotonous feeling. The more diversify foods you will take the easier it will be to stick to the eating plan.    


    Some amazing foods for weight loss

    Wholegrain, avocado, beef, cucumber, lamb, chickpea salad, citrus, yoghurt, fruit salad, spinach, broccoli, black or green tea, corn, sesame crispbreads, chicken , peach smoothie, sardines, mushroom, capsicum, popcorn, high fiber muffin, blueberries, pistachio, oats, dates, tuna, etc.


    Eating plan not only works for what you eat but also it is influenced by how and what you eat. So eat your meal at right time in small amount but frequently so that your metabolism remains well functioning.

    Weight Loss Eating Plan




    Losing weight in a short period of time is very much challenging works to accomplish. But, sometimes it becomes inevitable to shed certain amount of weight from the body for living a healthy life. So people tend to look for the early relief and set many unrealistic goals to lose weight.


    One of the very common scenarios is the attempt to lose some good amount of weight within 1 or 2 weeks. For instance, if you make a plan to lose 5 pounds of weight within two weeks, then how realistic would be the approach is?


    Literally, losing 5 pounds of weight is more likely burning 3500×14= 49000 calories from the body, which is possible theoretically. But, practically it will necessitate involving oneself in various type of activities. As we already know that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to the 3500 calories. Now, let’s take a look how much it is possible to lose such an amount of weight within two weeks.


    Losing 5 pounds within two weeks


    Losing 5 pounds in two weeks is a big challenge to achieve. When people realize that they are gaining much weight day by day, then no matter how complex the process is, they tend to achieve the weight loss goal by anyways. Sometimes the goals are proved as very much unrealistic and superficial. Losing 5 pounds of weight is more or less like that unrealistic goal. But, certain situation makes us compel to stick to this sort of goal.

    Now, let’s calculate the amount of calorie intake and expenditure to get to point. For losing 5 pounds of weight you will have to burn 49000 calories from the body, which I have already mentioned preciously.

    You might already be introduced with the term Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) from earlier. It signifies the physiological processes, which are taking place inside our body in subconscious mind. These are likely the respiratory, digestion, blood circulation, heart pumping and so forth.


    To conduct these processes for an adult person’s body will necessarily burn near about 2200 calories on daily basis. So, body will spend 30,800 calories within two weeks without performing any kind of hard working exercises for BMR. In addition to that amount, you will have to make an extra deficit of 18200 calories within 14 days.

    Suppose you would like to eat the amount of food worth of 3000 calories on each day. For BMR you will obviously burn 2200 calories every day. Now, to stay lean on each day you will have to burn extra 800 calories alongside.

    If you can walk 7-8 kilometers, then it will lead the way to burn 800 calories on each day. For losing 5 pounds of weight within 14 days, you will have to burn additional 1300 calories on daily basis, which is worth of walking 13km of more walking to reach the goal. Will it be easier to walk 20 kilometers of distance on every day?

    I guess it would be very much challenging job to do. More importantly weight loss goal cannot be achieved within short span of time. If you want to make it within a short time, then you will be exhausted and might get sickness in return.


    How to lose weight in 2 weeks




    There are so many examples of gaining weight in subconscious mind. You can’t realize that you are gaining weight gradually until you go through the check up. If you can observe your body weight in weekly basis, then it will be easy to determine the changes. Once you are able to gain some extra weight around the body, no matter how small the mass is, it will certainly take longer period of time to shed from the body.

    You might be determined and want to lose some weight within the earliest possible time. But after few days of restriction over food habit and dieting, you may be tempted to go back your old habits of taking rich foods.

    Moreover, you can be bored of performing some particular type of workout every day. This boredom is considered as roadblocks while you are on the way to lose weight.

    Sometimes, these roadblocks can lead the way to give up the attempt of losing weight. So, if you want to stick to the process of losing weight, then it is inevitable to figure out the roadblocks at the beginning. There are significant numbers of roadblock can be found. Among those, I am going to write down about few common roadblocks and the way to the solution.


    Skipping the first meal of the day and eating late at night


    This is one of the common problems or roadblocks being found on the way to lose weight. Usually it doesn’t occur intentionally. You may get used to skip the first meal of the day for the years. But, it has a long lasting effect in your body fitness. Skipping breakfast necessarily means that you are staying hungry for long 15-16 hours a day. This can awfully slow down your metabolism process. Therefore, after these long hours of fasting you can usually tend to overeating. Thus you can store a good amount of calories in your body as a result.

    So, don’t make this thing silly. You have to take it seriously and eat the breakfast as a daily eating habit. Simply you can do it by eating an egg and a piece of bread in the morning.


    Getting hungry between the meals and ended up buying snack from the store.


    We usually used to do it when we make a habit of eating bigger meals instead of eating smaller and frequent meals throughout the day. To get rid of this problem, you rather not tend to shop while you are hungry. You should keep it mind that some snacks are full of oil and tasting salt, which can be awfully dangerous for weight loss process.


    It is impossible to control the food intake when at buffet.


    It is very well known and common problems for the individuals. It happens because it seems like impossible to control the appetite when we are at buffet meal. So it is better to keep oneself away from all kinds of buffet meal.

    But, if you can’t manage to do this, then you have to remind that you are on the way to weight loss process. Besides, you can eat enough of fruits and vegetables instead of fat and protein in buffet.


    It is good to make numerous items for meal.


    I have seen so many friends of mine, who usually used to make too many items for their meals. They claim that it was impossible to complete the meal with just couple of items. Thus they tend to eat more at meal to fulfill their appetite. So, it is essential to make very few items for the meal.


    Eating at subconscious mind can help individuals to store the calorie as fat.


    It is better not to take food while you are on the state of boredom, angriness, emotional, watching television and so forth. It can pave the way improper metabolism which can help you store some extra calories in return.


    It is hard to avoid drinking soda or sugared drinks


    Some of us can’s even think of single day without soft drink or sugared beverages. You can consider this drink very silly in weight gaining process, but in reality it works as tonic to store calorie as fat in your body. This fast carbohydrate is responsible to produce enough of calories just after few minutes of consumption. So, you should avoid taking these sugared drinks and can replace it by drinking different orange and lemon juice with less added sugar.


    Fond of eating dessert after the meal.


    If you fond of eating dessert after the meal, then it will result in gaining weight in course of time. Desserts are considered as fast carbohydrate, which can dissolve into calories within a short span of time. So it is high time to replace it with the low calorie or fat burning foods.


    Working out can be extremely boring and time consuming while are doing desk job.


    I can guess that you find very little time to perform working out while you are doing desk job. Sometimes, you may find it boring as well. Therefore, my suggestion would be bringing diversity in workout and reward yourself while you are on the way to lose weight.


    Roadblocks in Weight Loss


    Every overweight person goes through such a time when they want to throw off their obesity anyhow. They become so desperate that they seek freedom from obesity and want to have a life where there is no barriers of having fat body. Although they know it is not that easy process to lose weight, they have to go far way in this journey. Some people even become frustrated for the long term and strenuous process. So they become crazier to lose their weight. They don’t know which way will be proper to fulfill their desire. Being depressed they go for extreme methods of weight loss. As they don’t have any idea regarding negative side of extreme methods, the situation deteriorates more and results become unexpected. Here I am not going to discuss any such extreme methods rather I would discuss some extreme but less harmful methods.


    Maple syrup

    It is made with sap of maple. Some maple syrup is also made from palm trees. It is also known as lemon detox. Although it was introduced 30 years ago but it has been popular very recently. It is mostly used in weight loss purpose. It also beneficial for cleaning body toxins, boosts immune system, increase energy, clears spots of skins and eyes, shinier your nails and hair.


    The raw diet

    The main law of eating raw foods is having that, foods which contains no additional chemical or sugar. So you can have any raw food which is unprocessed and uncooked. So expose yourself in empire of raw foods you like most. If you want, you can have raw foods boiling over 116 C heat.


    The strawberry diet

    You can plan your diet with strawberries in two ways. One is taking your foods with strawberries as supplement. But there is another strawberry diet which is little extreme: it is just eating strawberries and nothing else. Although it is bit risky but fruitful. When you eat nothing but strawberry: a healthy fruits and avoid some other essential nutrients it definitely will lose your weight.


    Egg diet

    If you are an egg lover then there is good news that eating egg can make your body even thinner than ever. But some people may have problem eating only egg, for them some low carb vegetables and lean protein are recommended.


    Grapefruit diet

    Grapefruit contains a form of protein that helps in fat burning and makes you lose weight. It contains mostly water so that you consume some nutrients with water consequently you lose more weight. While living on grapefruits it may make you feel dizziness and stomach upsets.


    Cabbage soup

    This is such a vegetables that you can eat any amount you want. You don’t need to be anxious thinking that extra amount of cabbage going to provide you more calories. As it is low calorie vegetable eating nothing but cabbage means almost starvation. Some people argues that it is not favorable to eat cabbage because when you have it your body decrease metabolism and leads you to have energy from fat.


    What methods I have discussed are less harmful and disturbing but before you try, any of these just be sure that the particular one is favorable for you. Otherwise, you may fall sick with serious diseases.

    Extreme Weight Loss Methods


    Are you thinking about losing weight? If you want to know how to lose weight then you can consider following the guide to lose weight.


    Guide to lose weight includes proper diet plan, regular physical exercise, burning more calorie than body requirement, active and healthy lifestyle etc.


    Besides these, there are some alternative ways like following liquid diet, taking fat burners/weight loss supplements, drinking apple cider vinegar etc.


    To be successful in weight loss process, there are some core workouts like crank plank, Spiderman push-up, tipping bird, single leg bridge, ball mountain climber etc. These core workouts help a lot to lose body weight. Let’s have a look at these core workouts.

    Spiderman Push-Up
    Push-up is a core workout performed in a prone position (a body position where man lies flat with the chest down and back up) by raising and lowering the body with arms. In order to perform Spiderman push-up, at first put your body towards the ground. Then bend your right leg out and up towards your elbow. Again go to the starting point and do the whole process by switching legs. Try to complete ten to fifteen Spiderman push-ups at a time.




    Crank Plank

    You already know about plank in previous articles written in our website. Just to remember you again I want to give you a short description about it. Plank is a core strength workout. It involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.Plank is also known as hover,abdominal bridge and front hold.


    Crank plank is a great core workout to lose weight. To do this workout, at first get into a side plank. Then put your body weight on your foot and left forearm. At the same time keep your right hand behind your head. Rotate your torso and bring your right elbow forward and down. Then move to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Try to complete ten to fifteen crank planks at a time.





    To do this core workout, at first lie on a hard surface. Keep your face down and spread your two hands left and right. Then lift your right leg. Twist your torso and try to reach it across the back of your body towards your left hand. After that go to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Try to do this exercise ten to fifteen times.




    Tipping Bird:

    In order to perform this effective core workout at first stand on the ground. Then pull your arms at shoulder height. Bend at the hips and extend your right leg back.Try to build T shaped body form.Then move to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Do ten times at one go.




    Single leg bridge:

    Single leg bridge is another effective core workout. To perform this workout at first lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and lift your left leg. Then raise your hip in such a way so that your body can form a straight line from your shoulders to your left knee. Move to the starting position again. Complete ten to fifteen and then switch side.





    Core workouts