Welcome to our website! You have just entered into a website where we will try our best to help in weight loss process. You may be looking for an appropriate website, which can help you understand and guide you through the proper way to lose weight. I would like to suggest you that if you want to learn something from the real life experience, then it is the perfect web portal with a large amount of information regarding the weight loss issue. We have created the articles based on public demands. We bet, certainly you will find these articles helpful for you.


However, it is very natural that if someone wants to lose weight, then he/she will look for the ways to lose it fast. No matter how tough or complex the process is! Many of us strive to find a quick relief from the overweight problem.


Short term or long-term approach?

People seem confused about whether to look for short term or long term approaches. Usually we want to achieve our weight loss goal within a short span of time. But, this is a great mistake. For your kind attention, I would like to inform you that there is no reliable way to lose weight fast. You have to go slowly but surely.

Moreover, you have to make a plan for long-term approach. This approach will lead you on the way to lose weight gradually but steadily.


Exercise or diet?

Whenever we talk about losing weight, then there are some few things comes to mind at the initial level. These are likely –

  • Healthy diet
  • Performing exercise

Some people want to know, what is the best way to follow for long-term effect? Yes, it’s very important question regarding the issue. In that perspective, from my own experience I would like to suggest that there is multiple type of things you need to follow, while you are on the way to weight loss process. You cannot just depend on one single way to achieve your desired goal within the planned time. Therefore, healthy diet and exercise should go side by side. These two ways are incorporated with each other very firmly.


Knowing about the calorie

Calorie is the most essential thing while you make up your mind to lose weight. All the weight gaining and losing process depends on the calorie intake and expenditure. So, if someone can make a good budget on calorie, then it will definitely lead the way to lose weight.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know about the calorie budget. It’s very simple and quite easy to learn. You will find a guideline to learn about the calorie from the other section of this website. Concentrate on the corresponding articles related to the counting calories.


Knowing about the metabolism process

Metabolism refers to a complex bio chemical process. It’s considered as one of the major factors for proper functioning of human body. This process is liable to convert the food intake in to energies, which is known as calorie. This process can significantly influence to utilize the produced calories from the consumed foods. It also helps to transform the produced calories into the deserving cells of the body.

If metabolism process is disrupted by anyways, then it will lead the way to store enough calories as fat. Therefore, it is necessarily inevitable to keep the metabolism process sound and sharp for impact in losing fat.


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    Keeping equipment like food scale is very essential especially if you are one of them need to eat right foods in the right amount daily. Because, measuring the appropriate amount of foods by anything else (spoons, cups etc.) may not allow you to eat right portion of foods. So, here foods scale plays a key role to give you the appropriate portion daily.

    Moreover, currently it is often seen that people are recommended to keep a food scale in their kitchen especially who are very health conscious or suffering from any disease having connection with weight gaining.


    Importance of Having a Food Scale in Your Kitchen


    The importance of using food scale is bigger description especially if you are currently on a diet. It has a great impact on dieters to help them keep a good track of their accurate size of daily food intake. Here I will discuss how keeping food scale in the kitchen makes it easy to measure daily intake.


    Help You Get the Appropriate Size


    To weigh healthy size of food intake for you food scale has really positive impact on you. To count calories and watch your weight you need food scale severely to help you by weighing the portion size. So it is very essential to dieting too to help you to maintain a healthy weight.


    Food Scale Can also Give you Nutritional Guide Based on Your Current Weight


    Depending on your current weight and health condition, it will also help you to find the appropriate nutritional info for you.it will tell you how much calorie is coming from a certain amount of food segment or from its whole. By using food scale, you can also measure the amount of calorie you are taking in and burning out daily. The foods, which are highly dense of calorie (like-meat, grains, nuts, pasta so on) can also be weighed by using food scale in your kitchen.


    Help You to Understand the Amount of Calorie from Various Sizes of a Certain Food


    By keeping a food scale in your kitchen you may also measure the amount of calories come from three sizes of a same food that means-it smallest one, its medium one and from its largest one. So it is very important to hold a food scale in your kitchen.


    Measure the Amount of Serving Sizes


    Using food scale also may give you the appropriate size of food that come in package. Sometimes you notice that the size what is usually label on food package may vary whenever you put it on a food scale. So using food scale also very important to weight the size of foods what come in packages even.


    Increase Your Guessing Power


    Using food scale daily in your kitchen also help to increase your guessing power. That means, whenever you are out of home and eating or buying something, you can guess how much calorie is actually coming from that certain portion to some extent.


    Help You to Lose Weight


    As you are holding a food scale in your kitchen what may help to calculate the number of calories you eat daily comparing to the amount you can burn daily. By keeping calorie consumption in check, help you to lose some extra weight from your body.


    Reduce or Minimize Some Diseases


    By limiting the amount of calorie consumption you can also reduce or minimize some sort of diseases often occur due to overweight, which is the result of over consumption of calorie than your body actually needs. As you know that overweight triggers various diseases like-heart disease, stroke, chance of diabetes etc. In that case, holding a food scale in your kitchen really can help you to consume foods appropriately, which may not trigger over weight anymore.


    Helpful in Dieting


    You can use foods scale for any meals plan of diet what is helpful in fixing your serving size of foods intake. Thus, food scale really acts as one of your best diet tools.


    Therefore, the benefits of holding a food scale in your kitchen is a lot.it is your best companion to guide you properly in consuming foods. If you are still not holding any food scale in your kitchen, go get one immediately to keep in check your per day calorie consumption what will help you maintain a good physique.

    Food Scale in Your Kitchen


    Joining gym


    Nowaday’s joining gym is one of the fashion trends among the youngsters. Some people want to look like their idol, film star, famous body builder etc. They want to do this as a part of their fashion or to impress other people.

    But sometimes it is not only important for impressing others, but also an essential way to bring the body in shape. Specially for those people, who want to shed the extra weight from their body. Since you are an overweight person and you are thinking to join a gym, you might be confused considering the vigorous workouts plan in gym. You may think that after completing a busy day of desk job, how it would be possible to perform exercises in a gym?

    Question may arise why to perform at the gym, why not at home? You may find working at home more relaxing than going to gym. But think once, your home is full of distractions. Your family members, phone, TV, pet will distract you from doing effective workout. Most importantly, the environment being required is absent at your home. The equipment’s, the advices from expert, the gym members, everything will be a supporting hand for you. All these things will bring you in a frame of workout, where you will get motivation in your everyday performance.

    Think different and consider going to gym is an investment. If you don’t go to gym your money will go in vain. So values of your money will compel you to stepinto the gym.

    Now I will present a optimistic view of a gym in front of you to make weight losing process easy and interesting. 

    • First think, what is a gym? Gym is a place where people go to achieve attractive body shape or fitness through some physical activities. These physical activities are the part of the process of losing weight or gaining your desired body shape. People often get scared thinking this process is too much difficult. But at the very beginning you don’t need to lift 50 kg dumbbell. In the beginning, you can bend your waist to touch your feet or you can stretch your hands and legs.
    • Making a habit of going to gym can be a stress relieving process. Suppose, you are coming home from office in the evening. You may come to home with lot of mental pressure. If in this condition you go to the gym, spend some time with your gym instructor or talk with friends from your gym, it will be very easy way for relieving stress as well as losing weight. You can spend this time cracking jokes or having fun.
    • Every Gym of this age has professional trainers who knows everything about the process of losing weight. He can advise you to make the weight losing process very simple. Sometimes he can physically help you in working out process if you find any difficulties.
    • Almost every gym has variety of equipment’s. This opportunity offers you to start workout from your own comfort level. So it will not be a monotonous process at all.
    • There are many members in a gym who may be unknown to you. You may be amazed talking with some new people. You can learn from their first day’s experience. Ask them the techniques, so that you will not hurt yourself. And believe me people love to share their experiences. So make sure about getting full support from them.
    • The most attractive part for going gym is to be motivated seeing the fitness of the gym members. Their attractive body shape will provoke you to attain that level of body fitness. When you will see people of attractive figure walking around you, You can’t just avoid the greediness of having that fitness of your own.


    Apart from that,the beginners mostly do some wrong steps. So don’t be over enthusiast in workout. Otherwise, it may be negative for ultimate weight loss goal. Here I am describing some steps that you should consider during workout.

    • At the beginning,don’t be too quick. Keep your pace as per your comfort level. Unnecessary quick steps may fall you in serious injury.
    • Some workout is best when it is done sharply. But as beginners it may difficult for your health. So don’t try too much sharp work out at primary stage.
    • Whatever workout you do try to take right position from the very beginning. Because what position you take at the beginning will continue for the rest work out period and it is little bit tough to correct the wrong position.
    • Sometimes you feel pressure following your peers at the gym. You may have to compromise with your health for peer pressure. But just remember your health is the first concern so be comfortable and be best for your well being.
    • Workout with various machine is not suitable for you at the beginning. Free hand exercise and light workout can be done primarily but then gradually you can try various equipment-based workout.


    Now I am sure that you are motivated to spend some quality time in gym every day. Have fun and throw away some extra amount of weight. You will find it as easy as pie.


    Joining gym


    The word “fat” has the bad connotation of unhealthiness. Indeed, you need fat for your body to function properly. Dietary fats and lipids are necessary to have a good skin. Fat is actually a protective layer that acts as cushion and protects the vital organs from damage. Some of our fat is right underneath the skin. We also have fat around our heart, lungs, liver, and other organs. Carbohydrates and proteins are nutrients that supply energy to our body. Similarly, fat is also a nutrient that does the same work. So, some belly fat is required to maintain an overall good health.


    According to the researchers from the University of California, San Diego, Adipocytes protect our body against infection. It is a kind of fat cell found under the skin. It kills bacteria and other harmful microbes by triggering the production of immune. Moreover, having a healthy amount of belly fat has various advantages.


    It Keeps Our Lungs Working Properly


    A substance composed almost entirely of saturated fat covers our lungs. Our lungs will not work perfectly without having enough of saturated fat. According to various studies, Low consumption of saturated fat has a connection of developing asthma. Premature babies are given surfactant to keep their lungs functioning properly when they develop a deficiency of this substance.


    It Protects You From Cold


    If you look at polar bear you will see that they are very unaffected by the harsh condition of the Arctic Circle. Because these animals are evolved to survive in this, condition and have a healthy amount of fat to protect them. A good type of fat, also known as brown fat generates heat. Hence, it is extremely important to have some healthy amount of fat. But the accumulation of fat beyond what is considered to be healthy is definitely detrimental to health.


    It Resolves All Kind of Heart Problems


    The study shows, a population in the Pacific Isles who consume most of their diet in the form of saturated coconut oil have shown practically no incident of heart disease. Fat has twice the caloric energy as carbohydrates. Hence, it will help you to eat less and keep you satisfied for a longer period.


    It Invigorates Your Sex Drive


    Your sex drive has a tendency to drop if your body fat percentage is too low. Too much body fat has a bad effect on your libido. American College of Sports Medicine says anything from 18 percent to 30 percent is considered satisfactory for good health if you are a woman. If you are fit enough, it can go as low as 12 percent.


    It Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Brain Health


    Our brain tissue is made up of nearly 60% fat. A diet low in fat hinders the proper functionality of our brain. Fatty acids and omega 3’s are found in food like salmon, avocados, and nuts. We have been told for years to avoid specific kind of saturated fats, including natural animal fats. Vitamins such as A, D, E and K are not water-soluble. Fat helps in the absorption and transportation of the aforementioned vitamins. These vitamins are necessary for our brain health. They are also an intrinsic part of our good health.


    It Strengthens Our Immune System


    Saturated fats found in butter and coconut oil have many benefits on our immune system. White blood cells require many saturated fats to destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


    It Keeps Our Skin Healthy


    Skin is the largest organ of our body. The bulk of the cellular membrane is made up of fat. Our skin consists of a very large number of cells. Our skin can become dry and chapped when we consume less amount of fat. Consuming less amount of fat will also instigate the process of infection to enter our bodies.


    Overall, you should change your mindset of having “fat” that is considered bad even when it is all right to have a healthy amount of it. You also should eat a balanced diet and should not skip consuming a healthy amount of fat for the sake of having a flat tummy. Craving for taut tummy is natural. However, when you have a healthy amount of belly fat; it indicates you are in good shape.

    Some Belly Fat is Essential


    Every fat has a must affect manner on our health. Though every fat has adverse effects on human health more or less but the intensity of getting affected by fat usually depends on its type. Depending on the fats types we can put them into two categories. One is subcutaneous and the other one is visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is usually amassed underneath the skin of several parts of human body, which can also be termed as visible fat. This fat has very rare adverse effects on our body. On the other side, visceral fat is considered as a worst type of fat which goes completely unnoticed from outside. It is usually stored around the internal parts of our body including pancreas, intestines and liver. This can breed several life threatening diseases if it is not kept at tolerable level. That is because; it is often termed as hidden killer too.


    Reasons for Being Dangerous


    One of the main reasons to consider visceral fat as dangerous one is its tremendous adverse effect on human health. In number of ways, it can affect your health. Due to having excessive visceral fat in your body can affect your overall body functioning. It also has the ability to influence the activities of the number of body hormones in your body. This is how; your overall body system may be collapsed if it is not keep in check.


    There are so many factors that are directly or indirectly responsible for developing the visceral fat excessively in your body. Not following a balanced nutritional diet can be one of the major reasons that may trigger visceral fat gain in your body. The foods, which are highly processed with sugar, preservatives and artificial flavor are also responsible for triggering visceral fat gain in the body as well. Drinking alcohol in large quantity can also help you gain some visceral fat too. The other some worst reasons to help visceral fat turns as dangerous types of fat are likely-shortage of enough physical exercises, availability of stress hormones in your body and sleeping disorder or shortage of enough sleep etc.


    Percentage of Visceral Fat to be considered as at Dangerous Level


    Depending on the level of visceral fat amassed around internal parts of the Body you may be able to distinguish either it is so   dangerous for your health or not. In number of ways, you can calculate your visceral fat level. These are like- machine test, measuring waist size, waist to hip ratio etc.


    In waist to hip ratio, you can figure out the ratio by dividing your waist size by dividing your hip size. If it is more than .90 in case if men and .85 more than, then, it is considered as very high amount of fat.


    In the measuring waist size, on the other hand, it will be better to keep waist size less than 37 for men and 31.5 for women. However, if it is larger than 40 for men and nearly 35 for women then, it is considered as obese. Therefore, you should always consult your fitness professional to help you me sure the amount of visceral fat appropriately.


    The way Excessive Visceral Fat usually affects the Health Functioning


    Earlier, I have tried to discussed how tremendously visceral fat can affect your health. Here I would like to drop a detail discussion on the parts of the body that usually get victimized by visceral fat gain. Here are some-


    Affecting Heart Health


    Excessive visceral may create some heart complexities. Inflammatory cytokines is the worst thing that usually help to create heart disease and to increase some other related inflammatory complexities as well. It can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease indicators. You may experience high triglycerides, high cholesterol and high blood pressure due to possessing excessive visceral fat.


    Troubling Insulin Hormone


    Visceral fat can also make trouble to proper hormonal function of your body. Thus, it may have the ability to resist the regularity of insulin hormones in your body. As a result, there is huge chance to develop the risk of diabetes in the body.


    Cause Inflammation to Your Body


    Excessive visceral may cause tremendous body inflammation as well. Visceral fat is responsible for creating inflammatory marker what usually circulates in your blood stream. If it is not monitored then, it may introduced your body with some cancer as well.


    Cause Hormonal Complexities


    Having excessive visceral fat creates hormonal irregularities as well.it can affect your proper hormonal functioning. High level of insulin production, producing inadequate testosterone in men and women and developing leptin hormone resistance as well.


    May Develop Breast Cancer


    Due to having excessive visceral fat women have more chance to develop breast cancer.it is found in a several studies that visceral fat has a higher risk of creating breast cancer among women.it is even critical for premenopausal women.




    There is also a more chance develop disease like- Alzheimer’s  due to having excessive visceral fat inside the body around the internal organs like-liver, heart, pancreas etc. These may lead to the diseases like-dementia.it is more intense in case of middle-aged people.


    Feeling Uneasy


    In essence, without paying enough attention to visceral fat may help to develop some fatal diseases in into your body. That is why it is often called as hidden killer.

    Which Type of Fat is Dangerous and Why




    There are so many examples of gaining weight in subconscious mind. You can’t realize that you are gaining weight gradually until you go through the check up. If you can observe your body weight in weekly basis, then it will be easy to determine the changes. Once you are able to gain some extra weight around the body, no matter how small the mass is, it will certainly take longer period of time to shed from the body.

    You might be determined and want to lose some weight within the earliest possible time. But after few days of restriction over food habit and dieting, you may be tempted to go back your old habits of taking rich foods.

    Moreover, you can be bored of performing some particular type of workout every day. This boredom is considered as roadblocks while you are on the way to lose weight.

    Sometimes, these roadblocks can lead the way to give up the attempt of losing weight. So, if you want to stick to the process of losing weight, then it is inevitable to figure out the roadblocks at the beginning. There are significant numbers of roadblock can be found. Among those, I am going to write down about few common roadblocks and the way to the solution.


    Skipping the first meal of the day and eating late at night


    This is one of the common problems or roadblocks being found on the way to lose weight. Usually it doesn’t occur intentionally. You may get used to skip the first meal of the day for the years. But, it has a long lasting effect in your body fitness. Skipping breakfast necessarily means that you are staying hungry for long 15-16 hours a day. This can awfully slow down your metabolism process. Therefore, after these long hours of fasting you can usually tend to overeating. Thus you can store a good amount of calories in your body as a result.

    So, don’t make this thing silly. You have to take it seriously and eat the breakfast as a daily eating habit. Simply you can do it by eating an egg and a piece of bread in the morning.


    Getting hungry between the meals and ended up buying snack from the store.


    We usually used to do it when we make a habit of eating bigger meals instead of eating smaller and frequent meals throughout the day. To get rid of this problem, you rather not tend to shop while you are hungry. You should keep it mind that some snacks are full of oil and tasting salt, which can be awfully dangerous for weight loss process.


    It is impossible to control the food intake when at buffet.


    It is very well known and common problems for the individuals. It happens because it seems like impossible to control the appetite when we are at buffet meal. So it is better to keep oneself away from all kinds of buffet meal.

    But, if you can’t manage to do this, then you have to remind that you are on the way to weight loss process. Besides, you can eat enough of fruits and vegetables instead of fat and protein in buffet.


    It is good to make numerous items for meal.


    I have seen so many friends of mine, who usually used to make too many items for their meals. They claim that it was impossible to complete the meal with just couple of items. Thus they tend to eat more at meal to fulfill their appetite. So, it is essential to make very few items for the meal.


    Eating at subconscious mind can help individuals to store the calorie as fat.


    It is better not to take food while you are on the state of boredom, angriness, emotional, watching television and so forth. It can pave the way improper metabolism which can help you store some extra calories in return.


    It is hard to avoid drinking soda or sugared drinks


    Some of us can’s even think of single day without soft drink or sugared beverages. You can consider this drink very silly in weight gaining process, but in reality it works as tonic to store calorie as fat in your body. This fast carbohydrate is responsible to produce enough of calories just after few minutes of consumption. So, you should avoid taking these sugared drinks and can replace it by drinking different orange and lemon juice with less added sugar.


    Fond of eating dessert after the meal.


    If you fond of eating dessert after the meal, then it will result in gaining weight in course of time. Desserts are considered as fast carbohydrate, which can dissolve into calories within a short span of time. So it is high time to replace it with the low calorie or fat burning foods.


    Working out can be extremely boring and time consuming while are doing desk job.


    I can guess that you find very little time to perform working out while you are doing desk job. Sometimes, you may find it boring as well. Therefore, my suggestion would be bringing diversity in workout and reward yourself while you are on the way to lose weight.


    Roadblocks in Weight Loss


    To lose weight, the very first thing is to make a calorie deficit. By several ways, you can do it. Therefore, how to lose your excessive weight through calorie it is totally depends on your overall life style including- foods habit, way of exercising, your meal timing etc. In most cases, keeping a healthy diet plan and planned exercising together is thought the effective way to achieve it. You already may know that how important it is to have a good diet and a planned exercising to promote your weight loss process significantly. But many a time it is seen among people that they can hardly manage any sphere time to do all these things. They often find it very hard and monotonous as well. Thinking all these things so conventional, even sometimes, many of them become too reluctant to follow such form of weight loss methodology. Because these types of weight loss method needs your time, your interest in it and of course a sound health as well. Let alone doing any exercise you may also achieve a weight loss gain by following a healthy diet plan as researchers often say. It is important to have a healthy diet rather than exercise whenever you fix your mind to gain a weight loss. Anyways, bringing few changes to your regular diet and life style, you may be able to strike a healthy weight loss gain.


    Here are few tips given for your convenience to find weight loss process more easy and effective without doing any exercise.


    Understanding Calorie Consumption


    Weight loss will only happen when there will be a significant deficit you can bring to your daily calorie intake. To lose weight you need to burn more calorie than you consume daily.so try to keep counting your daily calorie intake so that you may be able to understand how many you actually need daily to gain a healthy weight loss. Try to find out the foods full of healthy calories, carbs etc. You can also use a calorie counter to help you count your   daily calorie intake.


    Have Your Own Meal Plan


    To lose weight without exercising it seems difficult a bit. But by cutting off the amount of calorie rom you r daily diet you may be able to do it to some extent. For this reasons, at first, all you need is to have a healthy meal plan or timing to promote your weight loss process.


    Eating a Healthy Diet


    Eating balance diet foods literally very important to progress your weight loss journey .without eating a healthy balanced diet you hardly can do it. A balanced diet always involves the very most important nutrients that our body demands to stay okay.

    Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables helps, you lose some weight as they are enriched in low fat, low calorie usually. They also give you a boost of important nutrients you need in your body. They have also a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber etc.so bring enough of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet,

    Bringing plenty of protein in your diet may help you lose some weight automatically without doing any exercising or having any hard dieting.


    To lose weight fiber enriched food definitely can help you lose some weight. Especially viscous fiber is very effective in reducing your appetite and daily foods consumption as well.it creates a gel that help to slow down our digestion sys tem.it also can make you feel fuller for longer period of time all over the day. Some whole grain foods like –oats, millet, brown rice are full of healthy fiber, vitamins, mineral etc.


    Drink Enough Water


    To lose weight you need to stay well hydrate always. Drinking plenty of water or liquid help you to stay hydrate.it is good to shot for nearly 8 glasses of sugar free water every day to stay hydrate which is often recommended by the experts.


    Eat a Healthy Snack


    The snack you are taking should be calorie controlled to help you lose weight.it is often recommended to have snake once or twice a day when you are on a weight loss target. There should be an ideal gap in between two snakes that could of 5 or 6 hours. You may bring Greek yogurt, peanut butter, some nuts, and a hard-boiled egg in your snake. But remember, you snake should not be anyhow calorie indulgent.


    Don’t Drink Alcohol and Sugared Water


    Stop drinking sugared and alcoholic drink these always indulges many calorie to gain. Drinks like –sweetened tea, coffee drinks, sports drinks, juices are to avoid to have a promotion in weight loss.


    Avoid Unhygienic Foods or Junk Foods


    By keeping unhealthy foods (especially junk foods or fast foods including much fat or calorie) out of sight you may control your temptation for having these types of foods to some extent. This technique may help you to control some calorie consumption. Conversely, you can keep all good foods in easily noticeable position so that these foods can grab your attention first.


    Foods in Small Plate is Good to Eat to Lose Weight


    Whenever you sit to eat, serve yourself with small plate. It will help you eat less comparing to the larger one of it. So the less you eat, the less calorie you can consume what automatically promotes you to lose weight to some extent.


    You Need to Sleep Enough


    Without a healthy sleep, you may not be able to have a healthy weight loss. Having slept less than recommended hours people seen to gain more weight than their counter part who slept enough shown in a study.it is recommended to sleep 7-9 hours to maintain regular health.so sleep well to get a healthy weight loss.


    Don Take too Much Pressure


    You should be stress free as long as possible to help your weight loss progress further. Excessive stress may disrupt your all procedures built around for weight loss purpose.


    From above discussion, it may seem to you that you can achieve it what you dream of by investing just time and effort behind it. In fact, losing weight is big thing requiring huge focus and efforts from you.by eating a healthy diet alone it is really difficult to make achieve it. For permanent and healthy weight, both diet and exercises equally important for you. Therefore, a healthy diet always in demand to gain a remarkable weight loss.

    Losing Weight without Exercise