Welcome to our website! You have just entered into a website where we will try our best to help in weight loss process. You may be looking for an appropriate website, which can help you understand and guide you through the proper way to lose weight. I would like to suggest you that if you want to learn something from the real life experience, then it is the perfect web portal with a large amount of information regarding the weight loss issue. We have created the articles based on public demands. We bet, certainly you will find these articles helpful for you.


However, it is very natural that if someone wants to lose weight, then he/she will look for the ways to lose it fast. No matter how tough or complex the process is! Many of us strive to find a quick relief from the overweight problem.


Short term or long-term approach?

People seem confused about whether to look for short term or long term approaches. Usually we want to achieve our weight loss goal within a short span of time. But, this is a great mistake. For your kind attention, I would like to inform you that there is no reliable way to lose weight fast. You have to go slowly but surely.

Moreover, you have to make a plan for long-term approach. This approach will lead you on the way to lose weight gradually but steadily.


Exercise or diet?

Whenever we talk about losing weight, then there are some few things comes to mind at the initial level. These are likely –

  • Healthy diet
  • Performing exercise

Some people want to know, what is the best way to follow for long-term effect? Yes, it’s very important question regarding the issue. In that perspective, from my own experience I would like to suggest that there is multiple type of things you need to follow, while you are on the way to weight loss process. You cannot just depend on one single way to achieve your desired goal within the planned time. Therefore, healthy diet and exercise should go side by side. These two ways are incorporated with each other very firmly.


Knowing about the calorie

Calorie is the most essential thing while you make up your mind to lose weight. All the weight gaining and losing process depends on the calorie intake and expenditure. So, if someone can make a good budget on calorie, then it will definitely lead the way to lose weight.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know about the calorie budget. It’s very simple and quite easy to learn. You will find a guideline to learn about the calorie from the other section of this website. Concentrate on the corresponding articles related to the counting calories.


Knowing about the metabolism process

Metabolism refers to a complex bio chemical process. It’s considered as one of the major factors for proper functioning of human body. This process is liable to convert the food intake in to energies, which is known as calorie. This process can significantly influence to utilize the produced calories from the consumed foods. It also helps to transform the produced calories into the deserving cells of the body.

If metabolism process is disrupted by anyways, then it will lead the way to store enough calories as fat. Therefore, it is necessarily inevitable to keep the metabolism process sound and sharp for impact in losing fat.


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    Most of us always want a short-cut way to reach them at the targeted goal. But it is sometime impossible to make it short-cut. In case of weight loss, it is exactly the same. Though it is impossible most of the time to find a solution, yet there is always a chance to it. For instance, sometimes even impossible says I am possible! Among so many lengthy processes ,military weight loss diet could be one of them to give your physique a good shape in a quickest possible time.so one can easily adopt this way of weight shedding method without investing so much time behind it . In later part of this article, i will try to draw an outline with a brief explanation of the Military Diet. What it is, how it works, what it normally prohibits one when he /she is on it. .you will also be given a brief explanation of it as well. ..! So if you really want to get rid of the extra fat from your body, go through this article very carefully.


    Definition of Military Weight Loss Diet


    The military diet is currently one of the most popular diets in the world. The military diet is a low-calorie weight loss diet. It is claimed to promote significant weight loss in just a little time. It is also popularly known as three-day diet. It was actually formulated by nutritionist in us military in order to get soldiers into top shape quickly .However, the truth is that the diet isn’t affiliated with any military or governmental institution. It is a weight loss diet that can help you lose up to 10 lbs. in a week. It is also familiar by some other names as well, including the navy diet, the army diet and even the ice cream diet. If you are one of those looking for an easy method that deliver a guarantee in long-term weight losing. Then, you have come to the right platform!

    Here I am writing you some pros and cons on military weight loss diet.


    The Way It Works


    It is actually a weekly package diets plan. It involves a three-day meal plan followed by four days off. Thus, it revolves repeatedly until you reach at your targeted goal.


    The 3-day military diet is actually divided into 2 segments/sessions over a 7-day period. For the first 3 days, you have to follow a set low-calorie meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any kind of snack not allowed between the meals. Total calorie intake during these sessions is roughly 1,100–1,400 calories per day. This is much lower than the average adult’s intake, but you can check your own calorie requirements using a calculator. For rest of the days of the week, you are cordially inspired to eat healthy and continue to keep your calorie intake low. Remember, to speed up your metabolism and burn much fat, you have to eat these kind of foods included-caffeine, high protein, calcium rich foods and vegetables in this diet.


    A Sample of Military Weight Loss Diet Plan


    Here a weekly sample of military weight loss diet plan is given for your better understanding.

    This is the 3-day meal plan on the military diet.


    Day 1


    This is the meal plan for day 1. It amounts to around 1,400 calories.



    • A slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
    • Half a grapefruit.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • A slice of toast.
    • Half a cup of tuna.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • A 3-oz (85 grams) serving of meat with a cup of green beans.
    • A small apple.
    • Half a banana.
    • One-cup vanilla ice cream.


    Day 2


    These are the meals for day 2, amounting to around 1,200 calories.



    • A slice of toast.
    • One hard-boiled egg.
    • Half a banana.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • One hard-boiled egg.
    • A cup of cottage cheese.
    • 5 saltine crackers.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • Two hot dogs, with no bun.
    • Half a cup of carrots and half a cup of broccoli.
    • Half a banana.
    • Half a cup of vanilla ice cream.


    Day 3


    Here is the plan for day 3, which amounts to around 1,100 calories.



    • A 1-ounce slice of cheddar cheese.
    • 5 saltine crackers.
    • A small apple.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • A slice of toast.
    • One egg, cooked however you like.
    • A cup of coffee or tea (optional).



    • A cup of tuna.
    • Half a banana.
    • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.
    • Feel free to drink as much coffee or tea as you want, as long as you don’t add any calories from sugar or cream. Drink plenty of water too.


    Doings for Next 4 Days


    Though the remaining 4 days is a bit liberal comparing to first 3 days, still the later days involve a dieting too.in this time you are allowed to have snacks but be careful about the portion size. Since you have to keep your calorie intake under 1500 per day.


    Is There Any Substitution Permitted in Military Weight Loss Diet?


    You may bring some substitutions in military weight loss diet. As sometimes, we can address some physical disorders developed here in this diet. So you can swap any of the foods item with a substitute one. But, in that case, you have to maintain same number of calories in it.


    Here is given a few examples to give you a rough idea regarding this-

    • If you have a peanut allergy, you can swap peanut butter for almond butter.
    • If you are a vegetarian, you can also swap 1 cup of tuna for some almonds.


    Provence Regarding The Effectiveness of Military Weight Loss Diet?


    There is no study have been done yet regarding the effectiveness of it so far. However, it averagely brings some remarkable result in losing weight due to a week-long calorie restriction. One important thing behind it is always low in calorie.


    Is it Safe and Sustainable for Long Time?


    It is a short-term weight loss program. If you want to keep it up for longer period, then few complexities may arise from it. For example-if you follow it for months at a stiches, the strictly restriction on calorie could put you at risk of nutrient deficiencies any time. 


    Military Weight Loss Diet Suits for


    Generally, People who don’t like any complicated diets that are hard to follow will appreciate the military diet plan. Unlike many diets, which give you so many choices and decisions to make, the Military Diet, as the name would suggest, is straight to the point – it’s my way or the highway. This makes dietary compliance much easier as you simply eat what you are told to eat and don’t have to spend time planning menus or reading recipes.


    Realities about military diet:


    • Losing weight on military diet is not just water weight.
    • It is low in calories.
    •  It is designed to maximize your metabolism.
    • It is a form of intermittent fasting. Periods of fasting, it increases insulin sensitivity.
    • Fasting also decreases levels of igf-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which reduces risk of type 1 diabetes and promotes muscle growth and repair.
    • it is rare to get  weight back on the military diet
    • Do not need to go any one into starvation mode on the military died.
    • Perhaps, one might feel hungry sometime on the military diet military diet.
    • It is usually inexpensive and easy to shop for so on.


    So, if you want a short-cut way out for losing your weight, than you may take the benefits of military weight loss diet method. As every time I suggest people to anything, I tell them, know the thing entirely before finalizing your decision. So it is exactly remain same in case of it too.

    Military Weight Loss Diet




    We can’t live without drinking water. It is termed as another name of life. Two third of this world is occupied with water. It makes the world a good place for living healthy life. Without water this world will be just like a desert.

    From different studies conducted by health professionals, it is proved that human can live without food near about 3 weeks or more depending on the condition of body. But, without water it would be impossible to live just 1 week. The power of surviving varies person to person though.

    Drinking a lot of pure water can be very helpful in health related issues. It can help your body to stay free from all kinds of wastes and germs, more importantly water is considered as an essential element to lose weight from the body gradually. Health professionals usually recommend the obese people to drink enough water to shed the excessive weight from the body.

    Now, when you are on the way to lose weight, you can drink water by abiding different rules and regulations. But, few things I want to mention to make your way smoother and easier.


    1. Drink before taking meal

    From recent studies health specialists have discovered that drinking before the meal is very fruitful for weight loss process. You can be benefitted in number of ways by drinking water before taking meal. These are likely-

    • Drinking water before the meal can make you feel fuller at stomach while eating your meal. So, definitely it will help you to get rid of the habit of overeating.
    • Drinking water before meal will lead the way to digest the food faster than an empty stomach. It will accelerate the metabolism process, which will help you to break the food and absorb the nutrients.


    2. Drinking normal water can lower the calorie intake

    Water is free of calorie; it is consist of Hydrogen and oxygen gas. But all kinds of sugared drinks and beverages contain certain amount of calories. Sugar is familiar as fast carbohydrate, so it can dissolve into calories faster.


    3. Drink water all over the day

    Drinking water all over the day is a great way to stay tuned on the way to lose body weight. I am not suggesting that you should drink water in every 30 minutes over the day. With reference to different studies it is prescribed that an adult person should drink 2 liter of water each day. You can fulfill this demand by drinking water maintaining some interval throughout the day.

    Drinking water throughout the day can be helpful for following matters, such as-

    • It will help you stay fuller at stomach all over the day. So, you won’t be tempted to eat more at your meal.
    • Filter your blood from different kind of wastes and germs
    • Digestion process will stay sharp and fast
    • Metabolism process will occur accordingly


    4. Replace the sugared drink with pure water

    It is wise to replace the sugared drink with pure water, while you are on the way to lose weight. All these soda water and beverages can be helpful in your weight gaining process.


    Drink water


    Seemingly losing weight through proper dieting may be a bit harder but effective. When you are on a diet, you need to pass your every day with proper foods selection. Along with different types of foods, fruits of different taste and color may also be useful in losing some weight. You may hear that fruits are always gorgeous to give an essential nutritional boost for your body. However, not all fruits are bearing equal health benefits except those having maximum health benefits or nutritionally superb are called super fruits. These so-called super fruits are deemed very useful for good health.


    Qualities required being Super Fruits


    To be deemed as super fruits, there should be enough of health benefiting antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, fiber and so other healthy nutrients that generally help to lead a healthy and better life as well as help to fight off different types of diseases - according to health nutrition scientists. The researchers are still on going to discover the hidden health benefits of different types of fruits components (these are likely-vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fiber etc). That means, to figure out what effect they usually have on human body. Apart from different health benefactor factors, super fruits may also come in handy to make weight lose processes easier and to help you charge up your metabolism as well. In addition, the other most important thing about super fruits is these should be available in your surroundings including your grocery shop as well. Remember, to get the best outcome from super fruits, they should be eaten raw, unprocessed or whole than cooked or processed.


    In this article, you may be able to know some of the most health benefactor nutrients dense super fruits that may make you both satisfied and help you shed some weight.   


    Some of the most universally deemed super common fruits discussed below-




    Kiwi is one of the most considered super fruit good for easing your digestive gripes. There are two important health-benefiting substances these are likely- pre-biotic complex carbohydrates and fiber good for human health. In a study, it was observed that, who were given 2 kiwis per day for 6 weeks reduced the symptoms of irritation of bowel syndrome (IBS) comparing with them who were not. You can eat kiwi and pineapple with lemon tartlets.




    Plums contains very important antioxidant called “chlorogenic acid” in it which is good for reducing anxiety. So, if you want to keep your anxiety at bay to some extent, eating g plums may help you somewhat I think. You can eat plums, almonds and goat cheese with Tuscan kale.




    You may have essential antioxidant from the juice of pomegranate. It is one of the best fruit can be place in the first place of the beverages raking. You may see the best of this fruit between September-February of the year. You may experience grilled chicken with fennel –pomegranate salad to get best taste.




    The fat of avocado may not that much worrying for you. Avocado is a source of mono saturated what has oleic acid in it. The oleic acid is helpful to make you feel less hunger so that you do not tend to eat very frequent. It may also provide you enough of protein and fiber. In this way, it may help you to have a healthy body weight and to lead a sound health.




    Though coconut oil is enriched in saturated fat, but the dietary supplementation of it is in fact very useful in reducing abdominal obesity. In a study, it was found that, participants who were given coconut oil of 2 table spoons than who were given soybean oil lose weight comparatively better. So eating coconut oil may help you to shrink your waistline to some extent.




    Eating papaya in summer may give you a cold boost. It is full of vitamins-c. You may have more vitamins- C than you require daily from a single cup of papaya. Apart from this, it also contains lot of vitamin A & E considered as two powerful antioxidants, which are very useful in preventing colon cancer and various heart diseases as well. You may try pineapple-papaya sauce with Hawaiian turkey burgers.


    Citrus Fruits


    Citrus is considered as one of the useful super fruits good for your body. You may find a lot of fiber, vitamin-C, diseases fighting chemicals and other small amount of nutrients in different types of citrus fruits from lime to tangerine etc. The vitamin-C boost in citrus made this fruit super healthy. It can counts the sun damage effect, regulate oils and even can prevent spots occur due to ages.




    Watermelon is a good source of vitamins- A &C .besides these, you may also find an essential amount of “lycophene” an antioxidants in watermelon which very useful for your health. You may eat grilled watermelon with mint and feta salad.


    Besides above discussed there are so many so-called super fruits you may find around your surroundings. Some of the most considered super fruits likely are -dragon fruits, cherries, cantaloupe, grapes, cranberries, black berries, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples etc.


    In short, the super fruits is a group of fruits which especially well for your health and for well-being. These types of super fruits usually contain a lot of health benefiting high content of anti-oxidants and full of essential vitamins and minerals, which are undoubted good for health. Therefore, you may find other source of these types of essential vitamins and minerals from other sources of foods as well.

    What are Super Fruits?


    Protein is considered as a secret weight loss weapon.so if you want to lose your weight as early as possible then you can bring protein-enriched foods in your daily diet.it has the ability to control your hunger or suppress the appetite which gradually lead you to lose some weight. We every diet plan has more or less protein in it. But, for losing you need to bring some more protein in your diet.so before taking protein therapy to lose weight you need to consult your doctor as well.


    Protein Foods to Lose Weight


    High protein foods are very effective in losing weight significantly. It has to do more work in digesting, metabolizing and using that means you are burning more calories processing them. It also take much time to leave your stomach. As protein take much time to leave you stomach, it help you feel full fast for the longer period of time. It has multiple number of benefits for you if you are longing for significant weight loss lose.

    According to a study printed in Nutrition metabolism “people who made an increase of protein intake up to 30 % in their diet ate around 450 less calories per day which resulted a drop of almost 11 pounds over 12-week long period. During the time they did not use any other weight lose tool.”

    Protein-enriched d foods is effective in reducing fat other than losing any muscle.so stick with having enough protein-enriched foods in your diet for success in weight loss.


    Protein Found Highly in Foods


    You have to find out the potential sources of protein that have very low fats (saturated fat) and calorie. Such types some sources given below wherein you may find enough protein you need.

    1.  You can also found some protein in Low-fat dairies.
    2. You can eat some eggs for getting protein support for your body.
    3. Eating enough Nuts and seeds can give you a protein boost also.
    4. You can have 5 grams of protein from one cup of cooked spinach.
    5. One cup of sundried tomatoes has nearly 6 grams protein boost.
    6. Guava is considered as a highest protein fruit that may give you more than 4 grams from a mere cup.
    7. From a single cup of peas, you can have 8 grams protein boost.
    8. As another important source of fiber, lentils provide 18 grams of protein from a single teacup.
    9. Lean meats is considered as a good source of protein that you can bring to your diet sometime.
    10. Protein is also highly found in seafood.
    11. You can also have protein by eating Beans.
    12. 1 ounce almond provide almost 6 gram protein intake in your diet.
    13. Soya is also another big source of protein
    14. From 4 ounce of ostrich patty, you may have nearly 30 grams protein boost.
    15. 7 ounce of Greek yogurt can provide  20 grams of protein support also

    Except the above sources, there are also lot more sources available. Having protein intake regularly in your diet may help you maintain a smart weight control over the period of time.


    In short, following only a protein-enriched foods alone you may not bring huge changes in losing your weight significantly. Along with eating protein-enriched foods, you need to use some other weight losing tools or weapons to get a special fuel in journey to losing weight. Last but not the least, before taking every decision you don’t forget to consult a dietitian or a doctor.

    Protein Foods for Weight Loss


    Losing weight by eating healthier foods is nice to hear but you need to be more focused on other subsequent parts of the plan to lose weight safely and significantly as well. For example- doing regular workouts, limiting calorie consumption and maintaining healthy meal timing. I mean, your overall lifestyle needs to be changed to get a perfect solution in losing weight. I am not telling that healthy foods will not work up to the mark to help you lose weight. If you can continue with eating healthy foods on a regular basis, it definitely can give you a boost in losing weight.           


    Burning more Calories than Daily Consumption


    If you are thinking to lose weight by eating healthier foods, you need to make an overall calorie deficit that come from your regular foods intake. To lose weight how many calories you take daily and how many you really can burn is very important to know. By limiting your daily calorie intake and increasing your level of daily workouts, you may achieve it. By finding out healthy foods enriched with calories can help you maintain a healthier body.

    Exactly how many calories you are to reduce from your daily diet to have healthy weight loss? It is almost tough to fix the number of calories you are to reduce from your daily foods intake. Because it usually depends on different factors like- your age, sex, height. I mean, on your overall physical condition.

    According to a national heart, lung and blood institution- by reducing around 500-1000 number of calories from your daily calorie intake you can achieve a loss of 1-2 pounds in every week approximately


    Foods Permitted and Not Permitted for Healthy Weight Loss


    Is said that to lose weight or maintain a healthy one you should eat healthier foods. But which foods are healthier and what are not we need to figure out them first.


    Her are few directions given below for your better understanding what foods you  are really to eat and what are not.

    • Instead of eating processed and fast foods, you should eat foods that come naturally. Eating foods that come naturally always great to help you maintain a healthy weight. Conversely, eating foods that are processed or fast foods are always enriched in calorie and full of bad fats as well what can increase your weight and bad cholesterol in your blood.
    • Going for eating  fruits, whole grains, veggies instead of going for eating foods like-enriched in saturated fat, sugar, sodium and processed  as these are full of all important nutrients   our body demands. Moreover, health foods always possess healthy types of calories, proteins, carbs and fats.
    • You can also go for some sorts of nuts, fishes, or sees these are very helpful to give a healthy weight as well as to reduce the probability of various heart diseases
    • Avoid eating high carbs foods, because high carbs foods always help to increase your weight and it also increases the LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and belly fat but decrease the percentage   of HDL cholesterol in human blood.
    • Eating unprocessed meat is considered good for human body. Meats from animals who are faded naturally is good for your health. For example-grass-fed cows, lamb etc.
    • Fish are considered very healthy source of foods to give you both a healthy fat called Omege-3 and other nutrients as well. So to lose weight by eating heartier you can bring fish some kind of fatty fishes to your regular diet. Fish like salmon has huge number of omega -3 fat.
    • The yellow part of eggs are considered as most nutritious and healthy for human body.so, you may bring it in your regular diet.
    • Eating different types of root vegetables like- potatoes, sweet potatoes are considered well to lose your weight if it is eaten moderately.
    • To keep a healthy weight loss you can used to in eating some sort of highly fat-enriched dairy cheese, butter, full-fat yogurt so on these are enriched in calcium and healthy fat. You can also find vitamin K-2 in the dairy of grass-fed cows, which is also good for health.

    Still there are lot more things to know whenever you try to lose weight by eating healthier foods. So, by putting the ideas mentioned above you can bring forth your success at healthy weight loss somewhat.


    It is important to hold a track of daily calorie consumption to help you know the number of calories you are taking daily. Without making enough calorie deficit, it is almost impossible to reach your target goal. No matter how you make a caloric deficit in your daily intake, but you have to do it if you really wish to lose your weight. Doing some sorts of workouts from mild to medium like- cycling, swimming, walking, running so on can help you in your way to success.

    Losing Weight by Eating Healthier


    The word “fat” has the bad connotation of unhealthiness. Indeed, you need fat for your body to function properly. Dietary fats and lipids are necessary to have a good skin. Fat is actually a protective layer that acts as cushion and protects the vital organs from damage. Some of our fat is right underneath the skin. We also have fat around our heart, lungs, liver, and other organs. Carbohydrates and proteins are nutrients that supply energy to our body. Similarly, fat is also a nutrient that does the same work. So, some belly fat is required to maintain an overall good health.


    According to the researchers from the University of California, San Diego, Adipocytes protect our body against infection. It is a kind of fat cell found under the skin. It kills bacteria and other harmful microbes by triggering the production of immune. Moreover, having a healthy amount of belly fat has various advantages.


    It Keeps Our Lungs Working Properly


    A substance composed almost entirely of saturated fat covers our lungs. Our lungs will not work perfectly without having enough of saturated fat. According to various studies, Low consumption of saturated fat has a connection of developing asthma. Premature babies are given surfactant to keep their lungs functioning properly when they develop a deficiency of this substance.


    It Protects You From Cold


    If you look at polar bear you will see that they are very unaffected by the harsh condition of the Arctic Circle. Because these animals are evolved to survive in this, condition and have a healthy amount of fat to protect them. A good type of fat, also known as brown fat generates heat. Hence, it is extremely important to have some healthy amount of fat. But the accumulation of fat beyond what is considered to be healthy is definitely detrimental to health.


    It Resolves All Kind of Heart Problems


    The study shows, a population in the Pacific Isles who consume most of their diet in the form of saturated coconut oil have shown practically no incident of heart disease. Fat has twice the caloric energy as carbohydrates. Hence, it will help you to eat less and keep you satisfied for a longer period.


    It Invigorates Your Sex Drive


    Your sex drive has a tendency to drop if your body fat percentage is too low. Too much body fat has a bad effect on your libido. American College of Sports Medicine says anything from 18 percent to 30 percent is considered satisfactory for good health if you are a woman. If you are fit enough, it can go as low as 12 percent.


    It Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Brain Health


    Our brain tissue is made up of nearly 60% fat. A diet low in fat hinders the proper functionality of our brain. Fatty acids and omega 3’s are found in food like salmon, avocados, and nuts. We have been told for years to avoid specific kind of saturated fats, including natural animal fats. Vitamins such as A, D, E and K are not water-soluble. Fat helps in the absorption and transportation of the aforementioned vitamins. These vitamins are necessary for our brain health. They are also an intrinsic part of our good health.


    It Strengthens Our Immune System


    Saturated fats found in butter and coconut oil have many benefits on our immune system. White blood cells require many saturated fats to destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


    It Keeps Our Skin Healthy


    Skin is the largest organ of our body. The bulk of the cellular membrane is made up of fat. Our skin consists of a very large number of cells. Our skin can become dry and chapped when we consume less amount of fat. Consuming less amount of fat will also instigate the process of infection to enter our bodies.


    Overall, you should change your mindset of having “fat” that is considered bad even when it is all right to have a healthy amount of it. You also should eat a balanced diet and should not skip consuming a healthy amount of fat for the sake of having a flat tummy. Craving for taut tummy is natural. However, when you have a healthy amount of belly fat; it indicates you are in good shape.

    Some Belly Fat is Essential