Welcome to our website! You have just entered into a website where we will try our best to help in weight loss process. You may be looking for an appropriate website, which can help you understand and guide you through the proper way to lose weight. I would like to suggest you that if you want to learn something from the real life experience, then it is the perfect web portal with a large amount of information regarding the weight loss issue. We have created the articles based on public demands. We bet, certainly you will find these articles helpful for you.


However, it is very natural that if someone wants to lose weight, then he/she will look for the ways to lose it fast. No matter how tough or complex the process is! Many of us strive to find a quick relief from the overweight problem.


Short term or long-term approach?


People seem confused about whether to look for short term or long term approaches. Usually we want to achieve our weight loss goal within a short span of time. But, this is a great mistake. For your kind attention, I would like to inform you that there is no reliable way to lose weight fast. You have to go slowly but surely.


Moreover, you have to make a plan for long-term approach. This approach will lead you on the way to lose weight gradually but steadily.


Exercise or diet?


Whenever we talk about losing weight, then there are some few things comes to mind at the initial level. These are likely –

  • Healthy diet
  • Performing exercise


Some people want to know, what is the best way to follow for long-term effect? Yes, it’s very important question regarding the issue. In that perspective, from my own experience I would like to suggest that there is multiple type of things you need to follow, while you are on the way to weight loss process. You cannot just depend on one single way to achieve your desired goal within the planned time. Therefore, healthy diet and exercise should go side by side. These two ways are incorporated with each other very firmly.


Knowing about the calorie


Calorie is the most essential thing while you make up your mind to lose weight. All the weight gaining and losing process depends on the calorie intake and expenditure. So, if someone can make a good budget on calorie, then it will definitely lead the way to lose weight.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know about the calorie budget. It’s very simple and quite easy to learn. You will find a guideline to learn about the calorie from the other section of this website. Concentrate on the corresponding articles related to the counting calories.


Knowing about the metabolism process


Metabolism refers to a complex bio chemical process. It’s considered as one of the major factors for proper functioning of human body. This process is liable to convert the food intake in to energies, which is known as calorie. This process can significantly influence to utilize the produced calories from the consumed foods. It also helps to transform the produced calories into the deserving cells of the body.


If metabolism process is disrupted by anyways, then it will lead the way to store enough calories as fat. Therefore, it is necessarily inevitable to keep the metabolism process sound and sharp for impact in losing fat.


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    There is no particular way being discovered earlier which can specifically help individuals to lose weight. That is why, for achieving the weight loss goal you will have to necessarily try diverse activities. You never know which one will lead the way to success.


    Regardless monitoring the progress, if someone tends to stick to the particular way for a longer period of time, then he/she will fail in the long run. I shouldn’t wish that my beloved readers will fail in their weight loss goal.


    So, it is my utmost request to you that never try one particular thing while trying to lose weight. Bring as much diversity as you can. Try to make your weight loss approach as an entertaining element.


    Weight loss is not a piece of cake. You have to consistently go through the several ways which will make you bore and upset as well. So, before get into action you have to make a road map for losing weight. There are so many things incorporated with the weight loss approach. Learning or gaining knowledge on various issues can help you to make the way smother and easier.


    So, here in this section I am going to introduce you with the miscellaneous issues related with the weight loss process. Under this miscellaneous section I am going to present brief description about the following topics for you. These are likely-


    From these following articles you can learn various things on weight loss issue. If you are committed to achieve your goal, then learn as much as you can. I am not just saying that only these articles will make you knowledgeable entirely about weight loss goal. There are always some more things to learn. Your proper learning about this approach will pave the way to success in the long run.






    There is an old saying that ‘Eat well, stay well’. It’s very true regarding the health related issue. People can’t stay well until they could manage to eat healthy food. Right food can lead the way to lose weight. In addition it can help you to manage strong body fitness as well. Food can play a vital role to bring the body in proper shape.


    Losing weight or maintaining right amount of weight is important for healthy living. Eating right kind of food is an important part of what it takes to lose weight. Getting familiar with weight loss friendly foods is a good way to move toward losing weights. There are weight loss friendly foods that can not only get us right shape but also get us rid of numerous diseases. Below are some of the foods that can help lose weight.


    However, choosing right food is not an easy task. You have to gather some knowledge about food and nutrition before selecting the right one. To help you selecting right foods for losing weight, here in below I have written down about some important weight loss distinguished food items.


    You can read this article to know more about the weight loss foods.


    1. Oats


    Almost every one of us is familiar with the oats. It’s very healthy food regarding the weight loss issue. Basically oats are rich in fiber. That is why it will stay in the stomach for longer period of time. Thus, it can help you to feel fuller at stomach throughout the day. It also boosts up the metabolism process. A cup of oatmeal contain only 150 grams of calories, which is less than a couple of slice of bread. If you soak some oatmeal in a water of bowl, it becomes profuse in amount. So that you will feel cram full having a little amount of it. It is also a low fat food. You will just get 3 grams of fat in every serving of oatmeal. The fat that oatmeal contains is not harmful for your heart rather it is favorable for healthy heart function. But you can make it rich calorie food by adding berries, apples, preaches etc.


    Making oatmeal does not take too much time so you can easily make eat within short period to remove small hungry. You can eat this item as a breakfast in the morning or sometimes you can replace it with your main meal. Oatmeal is not only helpful for weight loss but also it is beneficial for a number of health issue. It reduces the cholesterol level in blood. In a study, it is seen that 20% of cholesterol is reduced by having a bowl of oatmeal. It helps to control blood pressure, protects potential heart disease. A habit of having oatmeal every day helps to reduce the chances of cancer.


    2. Black beans


    Black beans are the potential source of protein. This protein is known as lean protein, which is very favorable in the weight loss process. You can’t find lean protein from the red meat, as it contains good amount of fat along with the protein.


    3. Avocados


    Avocados are potential source of monounsaturated fats. It also contains oleic acid alongside. Sometimes, avocados are well known as good fat. Its creamy portion of fruit is a great source of fiber and protein as well. Avocado is a fat rich food that’s why many people does keep this fruit in their meal while trying to reduce weight. But it is a misconception that avocado is harmful for reducing weight. Avocado contains mainly monounsaturated fat, which lowers the amount of cholesterol of your blood.


    Half of a standard size avocado contains 15g fat, which is equivalent to 135 calories. The fat of avocado is beneficial for removing harmful fat from body. The unsaturated fat of it replaces the saturated fat and helps to remove weight. Fat foods such as avocado needs longer period to digest. It makes you feel to full for long period. As a result, you can stay without having food. Ultimately, it reduce your weight. While you are trying to lose weight, it become difficult to obtain all the necessary nutrients you need. Avocado helps to absorb the nutrients and necessary food element.


    4. Salmon


    Salmon is a great source of lean protein, healthy fats and important nutrients. It can also help you feel fuller for longer. It is definitely a better option as a source of protein than red meat. Salmon contains monounsaturated fat, which is very helpful in losing weight. 


    Salmon contains iodine, which facilitates proper functioning of thyroid. Thyroid keeps metabolism running smoothly. Salmon is also rich in Omega-3 acids, which help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is linked with obesity and metabolic disease. Sardins, trout, mackerel, herring and other oily fishes are also weight loss friendly.


    5. Blueberries


    Blue berries are widely known for their anti aging effect on human body. It can help individuals to stay younger for long time. Its low in calorie but it can help you to feel fuller at stomach for longer period of time.


    6. Brown Rice


    Brown rice is considered as one of the healthy carbs, which can significantly contribute to the metabolism process. It’s rich in fiber. Brown rice can be a better option among the other rice available out there. Specially, it is better than white rice. This rice is also good for controlling over the calorie consumption. It’s low in calorie in comparison to the other type of rice. That is why you can stick to it while you are on the way to weight loss process.


    7. Broccoli


    Broccoli is a well-known cruciferous vegetable. It has unique identity for its cancer preventing power. It is also a great source of low calorie food. One cup of broccoli contains only 40 calories. It can significantly contribute to losing weight. Broccoli is high fiber vegetable. It makes you feel full for longer and controls hunger. It can help you eat less, facilitating calorie deficit and reduction in fat.


    Broccoli has vitamins that can boost the fat burning process. The vitamins are vitamin A, calcium, chromium etc. Calcium hampers production of new fat cells and chromium can influence metabolism to reduce weight. Broccoli is not only effective for weight loss but also for preventing some other types of diseases. It helps prevent cancer, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, ulcer etc. It is good to remember that broccoli remains low calorie food until you do not add any cheese, sauce, butter etc. To keep it weight loss friendly, it is useful to consume raw or boiled broccoli.


    8. Pears


    Pears are considered as one of the great sources of fiber rich fruits. A medium size pear contains six grams of fiber. So, you can easily meet up the daily need of fiber by eating pears. You might already know that a person requires taking 25-40 grams of fiber on daily basis regarding the standard diet issue. Fiber can be vigorously helpful to prevent colon cancer and it works as tonic to keep the cholesterol level down.


    9. Grapefruit


    Grapefruit is very helpful in losing weight. Although we might have a misconception that grapefruit is not a proper option for dieting as it mostly tastes sweet. 90% of this fruit contains water, so it is worth of consuming for weight loss process. This fruit can help you feel fuller at the stomach throughout the day.


    10. Kidney beans


    This type of bean contains protein and fiber in significant amount.  The protein found in this food, is a great source of lean protein. You can’t find enough lean protein in the red meat as it contains saturated fat alongside.


    11. Almonds


    Almonds are great sources of healthy fat and protein. It can help you shed some pounds from the body by regular intake. It’s considered as low calorie food as well.


    12. Green tea


    I am pretty sure that you had heard about the positive impacts of green tea several times. That is why I don’t want to prolong my discussion on it.  You might hear that green tea contains antioxidant named catechin. This ingredient can significantly contribute in the weight loss process.


    13. Lentils


    Lentils and peas are usually classified as legumes. It’s full of fiber but low in calorie. Lentils are considered as a great source of low calorie food. Moreover, it can help you to feel fuller at stomach for longer period of time as it stays in the intestine for its fibrious properties.


    14. Banana


    The two major ingredients which are named as fiber and resistant starch in banana can be a great source of weight loss process.  It is low energy density food and nutritious as well. You can keep banana in your daily meal.


    15. Orange


    Although oranges are considered as a good source of Vitamin-C, but it’s also helpful in weight loss process as well. Most of the portion of this fruit is water. So you can keep this fruit in your daily diet to burn some extra fat from the body.


    16. Potatoes


    Potatoes are well known as a source of carbohydrate. It’s totally fat free, low on calories and rich in nutrients. But if you think that the French fry is good for losing weight, then it will be a great mistake. Fried potatoes are high in calorie and fat which may lead you on the way to weight gaining process instead of losing weight.


    17. Quinoa


    Quinoa is whole grain but rich in lean protein. It will help you to stay fuller at stomach for longer period of time. Its diet friendly and can help you lose weight in course of time.


    18. Pearl barley


    You can simply switch to a calorie diet by consuming pearl barley on daily basis.


    19. Garbanzo beans


    Garbanzo beans are rich in protein, healthy fat and fiber. It can be a good way to stick on the low calorie diet. You can select these beans while you are on the way to lose weight.


    20. Skimmed or low fat milk


    If the milk is not skimmed and rich in fat then it could have reverse impact on weight loss process.  But the low fat or skimmed milk can help you to keep up with your habit of consuming dairy products. It can help you losing weight alongside.


    21. White beans


    White beans are available round the year. It can be a potential source of mineral, fiber and healthy protein. That is why; white beans can boost up the metabolism process. It also contains fat blasting resistant starch.


    22. Leafy Greens


    Leafy greens are ideal for weight loss diet. They are low in carbohydrates and calories, but packed with fiber. They help increase volume of food without much increase in calories. They are very nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Calcium in leafy greens is linked with fat burning, as pointed out in some studies.


    23. Apple Cider Vinegar


    Apple cider vinegar is getting increasingly popular in the natural health community. Apple cider vinegar is linked with enhanced satiety and can help reduce food or calorie intake. Consumption of 15 or 30 ml of vinegar everyday for twelve weeks can cause weight loss of 1.2-1.7 kilograms, as found out in a study involving obese individuals. Vinegar can decrease blood sugar spike after meals. It also has many long-term health benefits.


    24. Chili Pepper


    Chili pepper is linked with weight loss. It contains capsaicin, which has been found to help curb appetite and enhance fat burning, as found out in some studies. Capsaicin is also used in many weight loss supplements.


    25. Nuts


    Nuts contain fiber, protein and healthy fats. Nuts can enhance metabolic health and cause weight loss, as found out in studies.  


    These foods can be of great convenience in losing weight. The more we can stick to weight loss foods, the better off we will be in losing weights. Those who want to lose belly fat may find these foods particularly important.

    Eating weight loss foods




    Body weight seems like a burden when it exceeds the limit. For owing an overweight body, certainly you will face significant number of troubles on the way to lead your regular life. You shouldn’t think that here I have been writing my personal opinion on overweight people. Several studies show that people always want to get rid of this problem. No matter how complex or hard the process is, they are ready to adopt any processes that can help.


    Overweight people suffer from numerous restrictions and problems on daily life. These are likely-


    • You can’t lead a life with pace. You have to walk slowly, and running is far cry. Sometime, you can’t even walk as a result of overweight problem. Accelerators, lifts and cars are the only option to make a move in some cases.
    • You have to restrict over the food intake. Food with high calories and fats could be a curse for overweight person.
    • In most cases red rash may occur under the breast and groin due to the overweight problems. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unclean. It’s happened because of the skin fungi grow vigorously in the warm and moist weather.
    • If you are overweight, then your body will tend to sweat more than the other individuals. It happens because you own more fluid in the body and you have to make more effort for any movements of your body.
    • Stretch mark may occur due to the overweight problem.
    • An overweight person always stays in the great percentage of probability to be affected by numerous dangerous diseases. Such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetic etc.
    • If you are overweight, then certainly you will get tired in no time. Just few works can make you feel awfully tired.


    Besides these points, I can write down a big list of problems for having an overweight body. But, I don’t want to make it lengthy for you. Rather I am going to write 15 tips to get rid of the overweight problem.


    1. Eat frequent meals throughout the day

     If you want to shrug off some extra weight from the body then there is no alternative of the healthy diet plan. A major fact of healthy diet is to take frequent meals throughout the day instead of 2/3 bigger meals. This habit of taking frequent meals can lead you on the way to boost up the metabolism process. A proper metabolism can help you to burn enough of calories from the body.


    2. Never skip the breakfast

    We have a very common trend to wake up late in the morning. Thus we find very little time to get ready for the work. So sometime we are compelled to skip the breakfast.


    In addition, you might have a misconception about taking breakfast.  You could hear from your nearest friends or neighbor that skipping breakfast can pave the way to lose weight. It’s definitely wrong. It can lower your metabolism process rest of the hours of the following day.


    3. Eat your meal consciously

    Who doesn’t love to eat food while watching TV? Yes, I know many us acquired a habit like that. But recent studies show that if someone doesn’t pay attention to his food, then it will definitely slow down the digestion process. Thus, slow digestion can lead the way to slow metabolism process.


    4. Keep vegetables and fruits in your cart

    If you really want make some progress in weight loss program within a short span of time, then you have to keep more vegetables and low GI fruits in your cart. To do this you have to be predetermined before stepping into a super shop.


    5. Drink enough water

    Water is another name of life. We can’t live without water. From different researches, it is found that drinking plenty of pure water can lead the way to lose weight. It’s more useful to drink the water before taking meal. It influences in the amount of food intake. If you can drink before your meal, then it will definitely help you to eat less. In addition, water can keep your digestion and metabolism process sound and sharp.


    6. Switch to the fiber rich foods

    Foods rich in fiber can make you feel fuller at the stomach. It helps you to eat less. On the other hand fiber rich food produces less energy than fat rich food. Pasta, brown rice, legumes, lentils, peas, whole grain bread, oats, vegetables and fruits can be a great source of fiber.


    7. Don’t overeat

    To get rid of the overeating problem you rather buy a smaller size plate. Your small plate can help you to eat less. Besides, you shouldn’t make too many items for meal. It will increase the probability to eat more.


    8. Make a calorie budget

    Knowing about the calorie is not a tough job. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know some basic facts of calorie budget. You can simply do these things by seeing the food labels. Reading food label you can simply make a calorie budget for long-term effect.


    9. Change the appetite

    Sometimes it is seen that people tend to stick on the low calorie food for longer period of time for a better outcome. But, this may lead the way to monotonous life and after someday you can totally change your food habit. So, it is better to eat some cozy foods occasionally to bring the diversity in appetite and taste.


    10. Stay away from sugared drinks and alcoholic beverages

    Sugared drink is a great source of fast carbohydrate. This fast carbs can produce enough of calories in your body. Thus excessive calories can be stored as fat in course of time. On the other hand a glass of wine can contain enough of calories more or less equivalent to a big piece of chocolate.


    So, it is inevitable to stay away from sugared and alcoholic beverages while in the process of losing weight.


    11. Switch to the green tea

    Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant, which is known as catechins. It also contains little amount of caffeine. These two things can enhance the fat burning process gradually.


    12. Cook your food with olive oil

    Cooking with olive oil is very useful in some extent. It is better than other usual edible oil in market. It contains fatty acids and antioxidant in large amount.


    13. Never eat late at night

    If you already achieved a habit of eating late at night, then there is some bad news for you. Eating dinner late at night and then sleeping longer period of time can significantly affect the metabolism process. In resting mood body by itself lower the pace of metabolism. Thus, excessive calories are being stored as fat in your body.


    14. Sleep properly to lose weight

     Sleep disorder can lead the way to gain weight. It also can disturb the metabolism process. Health professionals usually recommendsleeping 8-9 hours a throughout the day. Sound sleep can make you feel refreshed as well.


    15. Perform varieties of exercise

    There are significant numbers of physical exercises available out there.  To stay tuned and fit in body there is no other way besides performing exercise regularly. Dieting and exercise should on go side by side. This can lead the way to lose weight.


    Weigh loss tips

  • Losing Weight

    Losing the weight from body becomes inevitable when it crosses the limit. Usually an overweight person is compelled to face several obstacles in their daily life, what I have discussed in different articles of this website. So, I don’t want to repeat the previous discussion in this section. Normally weight loss process can be divided into two classes. These are likely-

    • Unintentional weight loss
    • Intentional weight loss

    For your better understanding, I am going to write down briefly about these two process of losing weight.


    1. Unintentional weight loss

    There are quite a number of examples available of unintentional weight loss process. It can be happened for different reasons. Loss of body fat, fluids and muscle atrophy can pave the way to lose weight in return. Besides these reason, it also can occur for the reason of diseases, malnutrition, hormonal change, disrupted metabolism, improper medication and so forth.

    This type of weight loss sometimes can be proved as very dangerous for human body, as it is unexpected and uncontrolled, which can lead the way to sickness and weakness. So, if someone observes that he/she losing weight very fast and unintentionally, then it is essential to go through some medical check up to confirm about all the body organs working consistently. Proper findings and treatment can help individuals to decide on the ways to follow for regaining the lost weight.

    Losing weight unintentionally can affect several processes in human body. Such as

    • Reducing wound healing
    • Reducing immune response
    • Losing muscle strength
    • Menstruation
    • Misbalancing water and electrolyte distribution
    • Affecting thermoregulation etc.

    Besides, unintentional weight loss can lead the way to deficiency in Vitamin, minerals and iron. These are very essential elements in human body for properly functioning on regular basis.


    To  diagnose the unintentional weight loss, your doctor need some specific information, such as the time you are losing your weight, any changes in your lifestyle, changes in eating habit, any serious disease, feeling of tiredness etc. so on the basis of the these causes your will decide the possible treatment option. Whendigestive disorderis the cause you may need t go through a blood test? The report of blood test will show if you are lacking any vitamins and minerals. A diet plan can be better option if you are facing nutritional deficiency. Sometimes doctor suggest taking some medication for hormonal disorder. Some people cure weight lose from general illness like influenza cold, food poisoning by taking bed rest for few days. 


    Weight lose also is a sign of some serious diseases like cancer. If you are not getting any general, causes of weight lose then you must go to doctor to determine the right causes of weight lose. If you’re doctor suspects then you, have to go some specific test. Around 40% patient of cancer alleges some quick weight loss at the beginning and above 80% patient loses weight seriously at advance level of cancer. So unintentional weight loss may be a serious issue if right steps are not taken at right time.


    2. Intentional weight loss

    Intentional weight loss refers to the process of losing weight intentionally and willingly in course of time. It is necessarily important to control over the obesity and bring the body shape back to stay fit. You have to do many things to make it happen. It can be attained by following series of workout and dieting. This weight loss process happens if you could manage to expend more calories than the consumption. So, to do this you have to learn about various things on calorie consumption and expenditure. Budgeting on calories can make the way smother in intentional weight loss process. Different type of food elements contain particular amount of calories. Carbohydrate, fat and protein are the main sources of calorie in human body. If you are on the way to intentional weight loss process, then it is the high time to know about the amount of calories in each and every food elements.

    Intentional weight loss can help individuals to get relief from several health problems in course of time. These are likely-

    • Control over obesity
    • Fitness of the body
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes etc.


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    Losing Weight




    Many of us strive to shed the extra weight from our body within earliest possible time. To do this job we can adopt anything related to the weight loss process. We can diet, eating healthy foods, taking diet pills, supplements, doing workouts and what not. But, at the end of the day we can’t count our progress remarkably. It’s happened not because of our fate, but it’s happened as a result of myths and fads regarding the weight loss issue. There are significant numbers of myths available, which are widely followed by people around the world. This can lead the way to more complex situation in weight loss process.

    I have written down about 10 common diet myths and fads regarding the issue. You can read it to check whether something needs to be changed or adopt newly.



    Consuming enough foods will not affect while performing exercise!

    It’s a very common misconception widely recognized among the people. Following this misconception, we don’t even care about the food and its type at the time of workout. But, it’s very wrong. Because, if your workout doesn’t worth of burning your consumed food. Then it will certainly pave the way to gain more weight in course of time.



    Fat rich diets are always bad for health?

    Sometimes it is true that if you tend to consume more fat than the demand, then it will pave the way to gain more extra weight in body.Therefore in most of the cases people want to stick on the low fat diet while on the way to weight loss process.
    However, you need to know the important facts about the fats. Our body needs to consume a certain amount of fat for properly functioning. These are likely-

    • Producing energy
    • Repairing tissue
    • Transporting different types of vitamins (like A,D,E) inside the body

    Health professionals recommend consuming 95 gram of fat for men and 70 gram for women. The minimum amount is 30 gram for women and 40 gram for men.
    But, you should avoid taking saturated fats, as it is awfully harmful for the body.



    Cutting down the daily meals?

    I had seen so many examples of cutting down the daily meals while someone was trying to lose weight. It’s a very common intention among the people to think like that. But, I would like to inform you that cutting down your daily meals won’t help in weight loss process, it will make you weak and sick in course of time. This tendency will also slow down the metabolism process.

    Therefore, it’s better to take smaller meals frequently instead of cutting 1/2 bigger daily meals.



    Late night meals can be worse!

    There are so many writings about the adverse effects of taking food late at night. You will find almost everyone seems to believe that late night meal is dangerous. It’s true in some extent, if someone tends to eat more than enough foods at night. But, from the recent studies it is being discovered that the calories being taken throughout the day is important than just counting calories at night. You have to consider a 24 hours period to calculate your calorie consuming.



    Slower metabolism prevents weight loss process?

     I have found so many sources that emphasizes on the metabolism process while trying to get rid of the extra weight. I learned that slower the metabolism, lower the weight losing process. It’s not true in some aspects, as metabolism occurs in accordance with the body structure. If your body is larger, then your metabolism will be faster in comparison to your nearest one who belongs a slimmer structure. So, metabolism differs person to person.



    Will low calorie foods help you to lose weight?

     There are significant sources of low calorie food available out there. These are likely mushrooms, turnips, tomatoes, watermelon, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery and so forth. People seem to believe that low calorie food could be a potential source to reduce weight. It is true in some aspects. But, sticking on low calorie foods can lead you a monotonous life. That is why it is better to make a combination of all foods that can bring diversity in appetite.



    Can diet pills make the weight loss process faster?

    I have seen so many friends of mine who were compelled to take diet pills as they didn’t find any time for performing any kinds of workouts throughout the days. They were doing desk jobs. So, after few days of trying several ways they eventually switched to the diet pills. But, it didn’t help a lot as they couldn’t stick on any process for longer period of time.



    Will fat burning food accelerate the weight loss process?

    Fat burning foods refer to those which can help to burn fat from the body in course of time. There are significant numbers of fat burning food available in your nearest super store. These are likely- Cardamon, grapefruit, garlic, coconut oil, mustard oil, salmon and many other foods. But, eating fat burning foods alone can’t help you in weight loss process, while you keep yourself apart from other source of foods and workouts.



    Grain products are fattening!

    There are two kinds of grain products available. Such as-

    • Whole grain
    • Refined grain

    Examples of whole grain products are- brown rice, whole wheat bread, pasta etc.
    Refined grains are usually milled, processed, and free of bran and germ. It’s scientifically proved that eating whole grain foods can help us losing weight in some extent. This food stays in the intestine for longer period of time, what can make us feel fuller at stomach. So, it’s not a wise approach to keep you apart from all kinds of grained food.



    Dairy foods are fattening!

     Some of the dairy products like-cheese, yogurt, and whole milk dairy products can be great source of fat. But, if these are skimmed, then they are considered as healthy as before. Thus, you can stick on your dairy favorite products by knowing few facts.


    Common diet myths and facts




    Weight loss process is not just a way to control over the body fitness, it is something more than maintaining a fit body. This process will necessarily compel you to get away from some bad habits as well. You may do it in a subconscious mind, but after few days of doing like this way you can realize that you are going far away from all kinds of bad habits day by day.

    There are so many bad habits, what we have acquired in course of time. If I write down all about these habits, then it will be quite a long essay to read. I assume that you don’t have enough time to spend on reading an essay like that.

    So I am going to write down about this topic in brief. The most well-known and familiar bad habits we used to follow in our regular life can affect our weight loss process vigorously. These are likely-


    • After-dinner treats
    • Drinking without thinking
    • Eating amnesia
    • Skipping breakfast
    • Distracted Eating
    • Eating on the go
    • Not taking time to eat properly
    • Eating too quickly
    • Not drinking enough water
    • Hanging out for eating rich food in weekend etc.


    I guess you may already aware about this kind of bad habits from earlier. I am just helping you to remember these once again.

    In our daily life we even don’t care that this kind of habit can affect adversely in our weight gaining process. But, if we can determine that we are going to quit from these bad habits, then it’s very possible for us. Here are few tips that can help you to quit from these habits-


    • Set your goal for losing weight
    • Be realistic and promising to stick to the weight loss process
    • Never underestimate the amount of calorie you are going to consume on each day
    • Eat your meal very consciously and carefully
    • Never tend to skip your meal while you are on the process of losing weight
    • Try to take your breakfast with some healthy foods, which will help you to stay focused in metabolism process all over the day
    • Don’t eat your meal while you are performing multitasking job
    • Always try to drink enough of pure drinking water, as it is very essential to help you feel fuller at stomach throughout the day
    • Never make too many items at home. It will definitely lead you on the way to overeating
    • Your late night eating can be awfully dangerous for storing excess calories as fat. So, it is better to eat the meal early at night
    • Don’t eat your food when you are emotional or mentally absent. It will lead on the way to distracted eating


    These are very common things which can help you to quit from the above bad habits in course of time. Just you have to be patient and persistent, no matter how lengthy the process is, you will be successful in weight loss process someday.


    Quit bad habits