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However, it is very natural that if someone wants to lose weight, then he/she will look for the ways to lose it fast. No matter how tough or complex the process is! Many of us strive to find a quick relief from the overweight problem.


Short term or long-term approach?

People seem confused about whether to look for short term or long term approaches. Usually we want to achieve our weight loss goal within a short span of time. But, this is a great mistake. For your kind attention, I would like to inform you that there is no reliable way to lose weight fast. You have to go slowly but surely.

Moreover, you have to make a plan for long-term approach. This approach will lead you on the way to lose weight gradually but steadily.


Exercise or diet?

Whenever we talk about losing weight, then there are some few things comes to mind at the initial level. These are likely –

  • Healthy diet
  • Performing exercise

Some people want to know, what is the best way to follow for long-term effect? Yes, it’s very important question regarding the issue. In that perspective, from my own experience I would like to suggest that there is multiple type of things you need to follow, while you are on the way to weight loss process. You cannot just depend on one single way to achieve your desired goal within the planned time. Therefore, healthy diet and exercise should go side by side. These two ways are incorporated with each other very firmly.


Knowing about the calorie

Calorie is the most essential thing while you make up your mind to lose weight. All the weight gaining and losing process depends on the calorie intake and expenditure. So, if someone can make a good budget on calorie, then it will definitely lead the way to lose weight.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know about the calorie budget. It’s very simple and quite easy to learn. You will find a guideline to learn about the calorie from the other section of this website. Concentrate on the corresponding articles related to the counting calories.


Knowing about the metabolism process

Metabolism refers to a complex bio chemical process. It’s considered as one of the major factors for proper functioning of human body. This process is liable to convert the food intake in to energies, which is known as calorie. This process can significantly influence to utilize the produced calories from the consumed foods. It also helps to transform the produced calories into the deserving cells of the body.

If metabolism process is disrupted by anyways, then it will lead the way to store enough calories as fat. Therefore, it is necessarily inevitable to keep the metabolism process sound and sharp for impact in losing fat.


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    Often people seem to misunderstand between the difference of kayaking and canoeing. Sometimes we used to realize that these two things are all the same. Although there is a simple difference being existed between these two form of workouts.

    Kayaking refers the form of workout when a person sits on a kayak and moves through the water. It’s distinguish from the canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of existing blades in the paddle. It’s more likely driving the canoe. Kayaks are numerous in kinds, where the designs and materials make the differences. Many kinds of material are used for making kayaks. Such as-

    • Carbon fiber
    • Fabrics
    • Wood
    • PVC or rubber
    • Plastics
    • Fiberglass
    • Metals etc.


    According to the design and materials there are few facts vary in kayaking. These are likely-

    • Performance of kayaking
    • Stability
    • Flexibility
    • Speed
    • Durability
    • Portability


    As a beginner, you should not try yourself. First, you can learn kayaking from an instructor. With the help of a skilledinstructor, you can easily learn the techniques and skills. Most importantly, you must know the safety measures before you take kayaking drive. Keep some safety device like floatation device, Spray skirts etc. Floatation device will float you even in calm water. Spray skirts is used to cover the cockpit. When you kayak in rocky water, you must put on helmet. There are also some steps to take for your safety.


    1. Weather condition influence the safety measures and dress. If you are in cold water, a dry suit will keep you warm. In hot temperature, you can wear full sleeves shirt to protect sunshine.
    2. Keep track on wind. Sometimes shore wind deters to return to shore
    3. Do not keep excessive weight of things on the boat. Otherwise, it may sink in the water.
    4. Before starting kayak, tell someone about your projected rout, time, plan, and time return. In addition, try not changing your plan.
    5. Keep some food and water with you for the emergency.


    In the first try, keep an instructor with you during kayaking. After adopting all the skills, you can try yourself.   


    Calories burned by kayaking

    By conducting several studies in the yesteryears, it is found that a person can burn good amount of calories from the kayaking. If you find running and jogging boring for the time being, then you can definitely switch to this form of workout without any confusion. But, before switching to this form of workout make sure that you are capable of performing kayaking.

    According to the research a person weighing 125lb of weight can burn about 150 calories during 30 minutes of workouts.


    Intensity of calorie burning

    Whenever we want to lose weight or burn calories, we want to make it out as fast as possible. But sometimes the initiative becomes slower than it was expected to be. It’s the simple nature of workout. You can’t never overcome this limitation while performing different kinds of workouts. Kayaking is such a kind of workout, which will burn your calories in moderately intense speed.

    By performing a longer trip of kayaking you can burn about 1000 calories though, but it will work slower. You shouldn’t expect the similar intensity of calorie burning like running at high speed in case of kayaking.


    Health benefits of kayaking

    Individuals can be benefitted in various ways by performing kayaking accordingly. In addition to a kind of entertaining trip, kayaking is also considered as a good form of exercises for different health related issues.

    I can write down hundreds of health benefits, which could be attained by performing kayaking. But it will not help you choose for the right reason. The major and common health benefits of kayaking are-

    • No matter how long you are performing, if you can do it in relatively high speed. Then it will promote your aerobics fitness.
    • Kayaking will help you to stay away from all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and joint pain diseases
    • It can be a great way to strengthen the muscle of different parts of the body. Especially the arms, shoulders and the back part of the body will be significantly strengthen for performing kayaking on regular basis
    • It will help you to enjoy the sightseeing alongside the workouts.


    Basic Precautions

    You must be very careful about hypothermia, if you are sea kayakers. Because cold water can kill you. You have to ware appropriate suit for this. You are waring dress for water temperature not for air temperature.

    Make sure you have some safety equipment. In addition, please keep your safety equipment in a water prove bag for keeping them dry. If you are planning to go alone than inform your family and friends. Give your plan details when you are going, when you will return etc. Because every year many people get lost. Continuously check weather update. Always try to stay safe and enjoy your workouts.




    In our daily fast moving life, maintaining a healthy a healthy and fit body is tough. Many people try much weight losing diet but in the midway, they give up. Because we all are different from others in every angle. At the same time weight losing as simple as it is thought. It needs a certain steps to follow. Because our body system require a particular environment to adapt with the weight loss process.

    Most of the time people become perplexed because there are huge number false information regarding weight loss system. So people don’t get right way to go out of this problem. Take any diet book, that instruct to this and do that, eat lees, perform more exercise, take low fat or reduce carb intake etc. so who should you go with? The important matter is there is no “universal size” that fits everyone. On body responds differently depending on our body cell structures or genetics.

    In this article I will not be food specific rather I will try to give you a guideline about how a healthy diet should be that promote weight loss.


    Calorie consume and calorie spent

    A prevalent idea is losing weight concerns with burning more calories than you consume. That sounds so simple, is not it? But many people don’t lose weight applying this simple equation. In the beginning they lose some weight and after some time they again start gaining weight. Because in the beginning you lose water and some fat. But for long term weight loss you need to lose lean body mass. To continuously lose weight you have to keep cutting calories.


    Carb accumulation in the body

    Another important fact that regulates weight loss is how your body accumulates fat after carb consumption. Carb rich foods release insulin in your blood and it regulates blood sugar level. It hinders fat cells to be burned as fuel and it helps to create more fat cells to keep calorie you can’t burn. As a result, you gain weight. So check out your carb consumption.


    Don’t eat emotionally

    Normally we eat when it is time to eat or we feel hungry for eating. But many of us eat emotionally. Some people overeat when they are worried or lonely. It is often seen that people tend to eat more when they are stressed. If you are one of those then try to have a hot bath, meditation or yoga. Go for a walk or have nap.


    Be motivated

    For long-term sustainable weight loss, you need to strive for best. Don’t solely depend on physical and food. Be mentally prepared and motivate yourself. Interact with community that support your weight loss goal. It may be your friends, family or likeminded person. Seek some positive and inspiring facts that help in losing weight.


    Reduce refined carb and sugar

    When we eat food, we mostly consume carb rich foods, which is quite harmful for weight loss goal. Even we are being more dependent on refined foods that provides more calorie than it is needed. If you love eating sweets or desert after meal then take fewer times. Eat low sugar foods and avoid soft drinks.

    Moreover, these are not all to lose weight, eat good fat instead of low fat, keep plenty of fruits, veg and fiber content and eat attentively so that you can avoid over eating.

    Healthiest Weight Loss Diet




    In the recent years as the increasing numbers of people are being affected with obesity, then it becomes inevitable to figure out the best way to get rid of it. Since it is proved that dieting and performing exercises can pave the way to lose weight; that is why people usually used to follow these two ways at the very beginning of weight loss process.

    If these two things fail, then there are no other ways besides taking weight loss supplement. In US there are significant numbers of people are bound to take weight loss supplements in their daily lives. There are various types of weight loss supplements can be found in the medicine store.

    But, not all these types will not work and reduce your weight. Choosing supplements indiscriminately can’t be a better solution in this perspective. So, health professionals usually suggest selecting the supplements which are clinically approved and risk free. The term risk free means that the supplement containing the minimal number of side effects.

    Here in below I am going to write down briefly about some of the clinically approved weight loss supplements and their functionality.


    Psyllium husk

    Psyllium husk is a form of soluble fiber which is commonly being used as fiber supplements. A publication journal in the year 2010 had figured out that fiber containing supplements can significantly reduces the weight loss problem.


    Green tea extract

    By conducing several studies in the yester years health professionals found a significantly important element from green tea named as catechins which is very much helpful in burning fat. Especially a scientific study being conducted in the year 2007 has figured out that green tea extract can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the fat from body. It can also be influential in keeping the LDL cholesterol within limit.


    For burning fat, the fat cells must be broken down and moved to the blood stream. This process is accelerated by green tea. Whatever solution you take for fat burning, you will see green tea in the ingredients. It is vital element for burning fat. It also boosts the metabolic process. The energy that we need to perform our job comes from the fat tissues in the form of fatty acids. This mobilization process is done by caffeine, which is the main element of green tea.


    If you don’t want to be old aged and look younger then it is the best medicine for you. It holds the freshness of your skin and keep the body cells active. It protects you from cardiovascular disease that are the major causes in the world.


    Some people who are obese in their abdominal area can easily drop some fat by taking green tea regularly. If you don’t want to go to the strenuous process of workout you can go with green tea treatment. Although it will not bring any quick improvement but in long time you will be benefited in weight loss purpose.


    Beside all these, green tea helps to reduce the chances of diabetes, cancer, any kind infection and dental disease etc. 



    Fatty acid consisting element named as Conjugated linoleic acid is the major element of these supplements. Some studies show that it can help to curb the body fat. In addition to that it also helps people to feel fuller at stomach. In the year 2012 a research conducted on Chinese people with this supplement was result in better outcome.



    Glucomannan is a kind of fiber supplement mostly well known for its fibrous characteristics. It plays significant role on weight reduction as well. In the year 2005 it achieved universal recognition for its role on weight loss process.


    Whey protein

    Whey protein supplement is mostly known for the role on enhancing muscle mass activity. But different research showed that this element also can be useful for reducing body fat by restricting calories intake. It can consistently support the obese people to stick to low calorie diet while trying to lose weight from the body.

    How to use whey protein

    You can use whey protein for reducing weight in many ways. But before taking whey protein you need to learn some know how about it. Detail is given below.

    Replacement for meal

    When you are on rush most of the time you miss your meal. So that you remain hungry for rest of the day. But this is very dangerous for weight losing process. There is a option for you to save your time as well reduce weight. You can make a liquid meal with whey protein, fruit and vegetables and eat it on the go.

    Snack replacement

    If you have a habit of taking snack then it is not a good practice for weight loss. But you can take it as snack replacement. When whey protein is taken it makes you feel full for long period. Consequently, you can stay without eating that leads you to weight loss.

    Another important think you should keep in mind that choose that whey protein which is not added with extra filters or chemicals. These chemicals are not favorable for your body. At the same time, check that it is not filled with sugar and artificial preservatives.


    Clinically approved weight loss supplements




    Sometimes, we think to change the course of diet plan for the better outcome in weight loss process. If failed, then we don’t even care to cut off daily meals often. This is not a good approach in that regard.

    But, if you can find out the better ways to bring changes in your diet plan, then it will lead on the way to weight loss process. You might have enough knowledge about grain products.If you are planning to leave all kinds of whole grain products as you heard that the grains are carbohydrate and this carbs can accumulate the fat in your body. But, in reality it’s not true at all.

    The good news is that all the grain products are not bad for the health. Some grains are very health friendly and can help you in weight loss process. You shouldn’t leave all kinds of grain products without evaluating.

    Whole grain encompasses a large portion of essential cereal grains. These are likely- Oats, rice, wheat etc. This whole grain can produce many products, such as-

    • Cereal
    • Crackers
    • Bread
    • Popcorn
    • Floor etc.

    There are also so many kinds of non whole grain products available in the nearest super shop as a counter part of whole grain products. Before choosing the right one, you need to be aware about the few things. Non whole grain products are usually being refined. That is why; the process involves removing the vital nutrients and fiber from the grains.

    So, the manufacturer usually tends to make it rich by adding different kinds of ingredient. Such as-

    • Sugary cereals
    • White rice
    • Crackers
    • White bread

    These products are being bleached of color and contain added sugar. These properties are reverse to the whole grain products.

    The natural nutrients and fibers in the whole grain products are being replaced by artificial things, which can lead you to gain weight in course of time. On the other hand, the whole grain product seems to stay in the intestine for longer period of time, with the motive to boost up the metabolism process.

    Now, you should make a plan to switch from refined products to whole grain products.  You can make it happen by replacing-

    • White rice with brown rice
    • White pasta with whole wheat pasta
    • White bread with whole grain wheat bread


    How the whole grain products are good for weight loss process?

    From the previous discussion of this article you may already know about the major element of whole grain products. It’s the fiber what makes the difference. Whole grain products are rich in fiber, which is very supportive regarding the healthy digestive system. It tends to stay in the intestine for longer period of time. It is also helpful in preventing certain type of intestinal diseases alongside. The fibrious meal by eating whole grain products can significantly boost up the metabolism process. And a sound metabolism process can lead the way to shed some pounds from the body.

    Another important thing is that the whole grain products are usually energy dense. This necessarily means that individuals can find a lot of nutrients and energy at a lower calorie cost. By eating the whole grain food you can feel fuller at stomach for longer period of time.


    Eat whole grains




    Losing weight in a short period of time is very much challenging works to accomplish. But, sometimes it becomes inevitable to shed certain amount of weight from the body for living a healthy life. So people tend to look for the early relief and set many unrealistic goals to lose weight.


    One of the very common scenarios is the attempt to lose some good amount of weight within 1 or 2 weeks. For instance, if you make a plan to lose 5 pounds of weight within two weeks, then how realistic would be the approach is?


    Literally, losing 5 pounds of weight is more likely burning 3500×14= 49000 calories from the body, which is possible theoretically. But, practically it will necessitate involving oneself in various type of activities. As we already know that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to the 3500 calories. Now, let’s take a look how much it is possible to lose such an amount of weight within two weeks.


    Losing 5 pounds within two weeks


    Losing 5 pounds in two weeks is a big challenge to achieve. When people realize that they are gaining much weight day by day, then no matter how complex the process is, they tend to achieve the weight loss goal by anyways. Sometimes the goals are proved as very much unrealistic and superficial. Losing 5 pounds of weight is more or less like that unrealistic goal. But, certain situation makes us compel to stick to this sort of goal.

    Now, let’s calculate the amount of calorie intake and expenditure to get to point. For losing 5 pounds of weight you will have to burn 49000 calories from the body, which I have already mentioned preciously.

    You might already be introduced with the term Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) from earlier. It signifies the physiological processes, which are taking place inside our body in subconscious mind. These are likely the respiratory, digestion, blood circulation, heart pumping and so forth.


    To conduct these processes for an adult person’s body will necessarily burn near about 2200 calories on daily basis. So, body will spend 30,800 calories within two weeks without performing any kind of hard working exercises for BMR. In addition to that amount, you will have to make an extra deficit of 18200 calories within 14 days.

    Suppose you would like to eat the amount of food worth of 3000 calories on each day. For BMR you will obviously burn 2200 calories every day. Now, to stay lean on each day you will have to burn extra 800 calories alongside.

    If you can walk 7-8 kilometers, then it will lead the way to burn 800 calories on each day. For losing 5 pounds of weight within 14 days, you will have to burn additional 1300 calories on daily basis, which is worth of walking 13km of more walking to reach the goal. Will it be easier to walk 20 kilometers of distance on every day?

    I guess it would be very much challenging job to do. More importantly weight loss goal cannot be achieved within short span of time. If you want to make it within a short time, then you will be exhausted and might get sickness in return.


    How to lose weight in 2 weeks

  • ChitosanChitosan


    Chitosan is a kind of sugar that comes from outer shell of crabs, shrimps and lobsters. Although there is not enough evidence being found that this element can consistently help individuals to lose weight, but some studies show that chitosan can protect you from storing cholesterol and fats in body. It usually doesn’t make any side effects in human body. But few people claim that chitosan can lead the way to upset stomach. In addition to that, in some cases it could be allergic as well.


    Chromium picolinate

    Chromium piconilate is a supplement which can enhance the insulin erection inside the body. Thereby, produced insulin can easily transform the foods into energy and it can reduce the fluctuation in blood sugar level.

    Moreover, it can reduce the appetite for taking foods and help to burn more calories from the body alongside. Thus individual can burn better amount of fat from the body in return. Chromium picolinate also causes some side effects. These are likely-

    • Headache
    • Irritability
    • Insomnia etc.


    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

    Fatty acid consisting element named as linoleic acid is the major element of these supplements. Some studies show that it can help to curb the body fat. In addition to that it also helps people to feel fuller at stomach. But the impression from the health specialists about its impact on human body is mixed and contradictory as well.

    However, long term usage of these supplements can raise the insulin resistance inside the body. Thereby the possibilities of affected with type-2 diabetes enhances as a result. It also fails to maintain the cholesterol level.

    Some common side effect of CLA-

    • Nausea
    • Upset stomach
    • Fatigue